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Smilebox Makes Scrapbooking Easy

This is a guest post written by Matt Gamboa.

Are you in to scrapbooking? Do you like to make decorative web cards to celebrate the birth of a baby? Does the thought of making a high school prom collage online to share with your Facebook and Twitter friends excite you? Well, don’t worry about taking out the heavy-duty scissors and craft glue. The online service, Smilebox, was created solely for the purpose of creating fancy photo crafts.

The Redmond-based startup has developed an online platform around the popular homemakers craft of scrapbooking. The website offers hundreds of designs to use to create scrapbooks, collages, greetings cards, or photo albums. The tool itself is not web-based, it’s a native application you must download and install onto your Mac or Windows machine. But the unique service itself is worth trying if this craft is your passion.

Smilebox is still a very small startup, but they are growing a fast pace and recently moved to a new, bigger office this year to accommodate the growth. They are gaining lots of traction even though their product is niche, but the fact that they don’t have too many competitors in their market will help them to expand products and make business quick.

Smilebox will be featured at Deploy 2010 on Monday, November 08, 2010 from 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (PT). Deploy 2010 is an all-inclusive conference for technology builders to give you new tools to create the applications of tomorrow. The conference will be held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle.

Create Scrapbooks out of Your Photos on Facebook

Scrapbooking is serious business to those that participate in the activity. They are forever looking for the perfect papers and border. They spend hours browsing through stores, trying to find that elusive pair of scissors to make their borders just right. Creating a beautiful scrapbook isn’t an easy process for most. However, Scrapblog is making it simple. You can use Scrapblog to create a gorgeous scrapbook right on Facebook.

Select your background, choose your photos and count to three. Your Flash-based scrapbook will be assembled for you in just minutes. When you first start using Share the Love, the app will employ Scrapblog’s recently launched QuickMix technology to instantly generate a photo collage with up to ten Facebook photos. The photos will be automatically arranged with a set theme, which you can change easily. The app offers users coordinated stickers, backgrounds and captions.

Go ahead and try it out. It won’t cost you anything, and it’s a lot of fun! It’s amazing what kind of great new things you can discover online these days, isn’t it?

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