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Scoble and Pirillo – What is Gnomedex?

Apparently, Gnomedex has a lot to do with beer – at least according to Robert Scoble and myself. It was a conference of inspiration, innovation, influence and illustration. Somehow that translates into a “bunch of drunk Geeks.”

We had a great time talking with the kids from OmniTechNews. We discussed how Gnomedex was the first conference where Robert noticed that everyone had a computer and was connected to the Internet. I feel that it was all about individuals using the power of technology to get a message around the world in seconds flat. It helped to empower people.

Our biggest piece of advice to young tech enthusiasts everywhere is to learn some code!

What Would You Tell the World in Ten Minutes?

Imagine if you will that every person on the planet had to listen to you for ten minutes straight. No one could interrupt you and they all had to give you their full attention. Your mind is likely already racing with thoughts of everything you find to be important – all of the things you think the world needs to hear. But do you really have anything to say that everyone else would want to hear?

SJP asked on Lockergnome what it was YOU would say if the humans inhabiting the third rock from the Sun were to actually listen. It’s an interesting question, to be sure – and not one I can easily answer. There are many things that quickly come to mind, and nearly all of them are dismissed as fast as they appear. I know I wouldn’t spout off about religion or politics. We get enough of that already. I would not waste my breath talking about how social media can and should be used. That’s been done to death already. Why bother bringing up world peace, ending hunger or putting a stop to homelessness? We are already discussing those things all over our community.

So what is it I would talk about? It’s simple, my dear friends. I would talk about YOU and the amazing things each of you are doing every day to make this world a better place. What would you want to say during your ten minutes?

You don’t need to spend only ten minutes on our software site. We hope you’ll spend much, MUCH more than that!

Robert Scoble Interviews Kat During Gnomedex

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During the Gnomedex registration party, the people watching the live stream wanted to talk to Robert Scoble. Kat dragged him over to the camera and apparently tried to leave. Robert had other ideas though. He decided to turn the tables on her and he interviewed her. Keep in mind that Scoble interviews some of the biggest and brightest people in technology and social media.

In the minds of our community members, Kat is a rock star of social media AND technology, and it was smart of Robert to take time to talk with her. I’ve long said that I would not be doing as well as I am without having her by my side for the past three years, and I meant it. She was instrumental in making Gnomedex happen this year, and in making it the best we’ve ever had.

According to this footage captured by UncleJohn, Robert and Kat had quite an interesting conversation. What would YOU ask of either of them if you were going to interview them?

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Flipboard for the iPad – Free!

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The other night my long-time friend Robert Scoble tweeted out a link about his interview with the CEO of the company that created the free Flipboard application. This app is the future of news distribution. It’s a beautiful mashup between social media connections as well as traditional and community sources. This, my friends, is the way I’m going to start navigating information that flows through all of the channels I am most interested in.

Flipboard takes news sources that YOU choose and mashes them together with your Twitter and Facebook feeds. It then provides you with a unique web experience. Maneuvering through the interface is as easy as flipping the page in a printed magazine. Things shared across Facebook are suddenly turned into articles in said magazine, and all of your multimedia is put right in front of your nose when you want it.

Right at the top, it shows me my Twitter lists. If I wanted to, I could add information from the various lists I have built into my Flipboard stream. There are some interesting “picks” that the app suggests for you to check out – which is a fantastic way to discover new types of content.

The only drawback I see thus far is being limited to only nine different sources. Hello! I’m a Geek. I need more information – not less! It was quite late when I recorded this video, so forgive me if I missed something somewhere. There may very well be a way to add more. I simply hadn’t found it as of the recording of this video.

Thanks so much to @scobleizer for sharing information about this app. This is by far the most amazing must-have app I’ve come across in a long time.

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Leave Your Privacy at the Door

As I sat here about to wind down for the night, I noticed a new post by my friend Robert Scoble. Robert began an interesting discussion on his blog to talk about Facebook and privacy. All of the points he makes are right-on, and I found myself nodding in agreement much of the time I was reading.

It gets interesting, though, in the comments section. As Robert is fond of pointing out, that is usually always where you’ll find the most relevant opinions and discussions on any website. For instance, Brandon Soucie points out that “when it really comes down to it, how “private” are your interests, favorite music, movies, books, etc? And in what ways can it be harmful to have this information publicly accessible?” So what if Facebook tells the world what music I’m listening to? You’ve been able to find that out at any time during the past three years by tuning in to my live stream.

Much of the information that is no longer private on Facebook are things you already talked openly about, anyway. We tell the world via Twitter where we’re at nearly every moment thanks to check-in services like GoWalla and Foursquare. I see people updating regularly when their Pandora station plays a new song that they enjoy. People recommend their favorite movies, books and restaurants all over the Web. Why, then, are you so shocked and pissed that Facebook is giving out this same information?

I’m not trying to claim that there shouldn’t be boundaries and limitations. If Zuckerberg suddenly decided to display my address and social security number all over the place, we’d have a huge problem. However, that information isn’t even listed anywhere on the site. Facebook can only divulge what we feed into it. I don’t tell the site what time of day I get out of bed. I don’t post on my Wall every time I change my underwear. I don’t even discuss what I ate for dinner, for frick’s sake. I still have control of my “privacy.” No social networking site can take that away from me.

If you want something to stay private, you shouldn’t be posting it on the Internet. Long before everyone “Liked” everything, that was a golden rule of being online. Way before the days of e-Wars regarding privacy and sharing, we knew in our little brains that there are some things we should just keep quiet about. At the end of the day, you are still the one in the driver’s seat. You are the only person who can decide whether or not something should be shared.

If you don’t like the way Facebook is doing things these days, you don’t have to be a member. Continuing to use the service while complaining to anyone who will listen is not the way to help facilitate change. As Robert says, look for the positives in all of this. Keep your secrets close to your chest, and run out to expand your music horizons.

Daynah, iPhone Girl Geek!

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Traci Toguchi was in Vegas last week, covering the CES conference for us. While, there, she hooked up with Daynah, who was kind enough to help record some of the videos. Daynah is a hard-core Geekette to the max, boys… She’s a PHP coder, a gadget junkie and a WordPress guru!

Daynah works for iProng Magazine, where they write about anything and everything related to iPhones. Daynah has been to CES in the past, and was duly impressed this year. As a gadget geek, she was excited by all of the awesome things she got to play with on the floor this year.

Being an iPhone fanatic at heart, Daynah was ecstatic to see all of the goodies on display at CES that all related to the iPhone. She picked up several new things, including something to do with Hello Kitty. I’m not so sure I want to know what that is all about, Daynah!

This year, Daynah is looking forward to Macworld, which is coming up in just a few weeks! Knowing Daynah, I know she’ll be seventh Heaven while she’s there!

Thanks to Creative for sending Traci the awesome Vado3 to use for recording purposes. It made things much easier on her!

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What You Say Will Come Back to Haunt You

I’ve talked many times before about the dangers of saying the wrong thing online. Things that you say on the Internet can – and WILL eventually – come back to bite you in the ass. A sad trend I’ve seen lately is the number of people who tweet while they are inebriated. Sure, they may delete the tweet the next day while sober again. However, the damage has been done. People like Robert Scoble could call you out on it, forever reminding people of what you said. Others will retweet you, or somehow archive what you’ve said. Worse yet, your boss may read it.

A few hours ago, Lynn Fox (the VP of PR for Palm) posted something I think she may soon regret:

Men, I love you all, but someone needs to be honest with you at some point. You’re retarded. Unless you’re gay. Let the healing begin.

Oy vey. I won’t begin to speculate as to what prompted her to send something like this over Twitter for her followers – and the World – to see. I will, however, repeat myself once again… Watch. What. You. Say. Online!. It’s not that difficult, people. Stop signing into Twitter when you are drunk, stoned, pissed off, depressed or whatever other emotional state you are in. It’s FINE to share things with your network. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But if you cannot be both coherent and even – dare I say it? – NICE, then you have no business Twittering at that time. Take a step back. Think about what the hell you are frantically typing. Take a breath and then re-read what you’re saying before you hit that Send button, people.

I have said my fair share of stupid things in my life, some even recently I’m sure. However, I DO attempt not to alienate an entire gender with just a few words. I’m sure Ms. Fox knows that not all of us men are “retarded”. Many of us may be jerks, and some may even be downright assholes. But as a whole, did we really deserve that?


Ponzi and I flew down to SF for the weekend to hang with the Scobles – Robert and Maryam. We just went out for sushi in Half Moon Bay (although I contend that Seattle sushi is infinitely better than Bay Area sushi). Right now, we’re enjoying Maryam’s coffee and sitting around the living room – each on our respective laptops. We’re not saying a single word to one another, although every other minute someone will pipe up with “Hey, so-and-so is doing this.” I’m peeking over Robert’s keyboard and watching him populate his linkblog. So, I guess this kind of silent friendship activity is called scobleizing? Ponzi just sent me an IM a few seconds ago. This is… quite… an exciting Friday night.

Scoble is Leaving Microsoft

Yeah, it’s 100% true. Scoble is heading to PodTech.net. This is front page news if I’ve ever heard of it – and half the blogosphere won’t find out until Monday, most likely. Congratulations, Robert. 😉 The blogosphere is already abuzz with speculation and discussion:

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News Flash- Robert W. Scoble Is Leaving Microsoft

To Robert: in your first public statement, you state: “First, I love Microsoft and Microsoft did not lose me â€â€? at least as a supporter and friend.” One would have to be insane to believe that you’d stop supporting Microsoft, personally or professionally, from this point forward. You were helping Microsoft long before you were working there. You continue: “I just made this decision and it got out before I was completely ready to talk about it.” Once the first pin dropped, there was nothing you could do to stop it (few people had heard of Beet.tv until tonight). Remember when you were first offered a job at Microsoft? Were you ready back then? I told you that you’d be crazy if you didn’t accept the position, and nothing could have prepared you for what was to come. And so, again, I say… congratulations.