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Get Cozi With Your Family

This is a guest post written by Matt Gamboa.

The old-fashioned family lifestyle: kids do the chores, mom writes her shopping list, and everyone puts those important events on the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. Coordinating a family is a process. A particular Seattle startup is very aware of that process and what better way to make it easier than providing a web service for it – a service for your family.

Cozi is a startup that’s main goal is to “simplify family life.” The feature’s it provides help to organize your family in the traditional fashion, but in a modern way, using the power of the Internet.

On Cozi’s website, you can create a family calendar and utilize widgets to access them from your desktop. You can send the week’s agenda out via email. You can create shopping lists to access from your mobile browser when you get to the grocery store, or create a to do list for your teenager and send them their chores via text. You can setup reminders for important events, or just sync your family calendar to your outlook calendar at work so you’ll remember that recital you need to get to after your meeting with the boss. Cozi offers a simplified solution for family coordination.

Along with the full website, there is also mobile site and iPhone app available to take with you so you can always have access to your family’s agenda. The Cozi founding team included veterans from Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia, and that expertise and team member experience is really shown throughout the site, providing a great user and design experience. An experience that makes me feel…..Cozi.

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How to Synchronize and Coordinate Schedules

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On an average morning, I wake up and check my email. Then I worry about going about the rest of my day. There are many times when I need to coordinate my schedule in order to accommodate other people and meetings. I can never get anywhere with schedules, because I end up with an email thread that is 14 pages long! Have you ever noticed how some people are insanely focused on setting up a phone call to talk about something you could have already covered in an email? When it comes to coordinating schedules and getting people on the same page, you may want to Doodle!

Doodle is a free service that you don’t even have to sign up for! Use it to schedule an event, such as a meeting, business lunch, conference call or even a family reunion. Create a poll with your choices, and email out your link. Then, watch as the votes come in so that you can choose the best time for everyone!

You can also use Doodle to choose what movie to see, or find the newest hot restaurant to visit. You can use Doodle with your calendar (Outlook, iCal, etc), on Facebook, or even from your mobile device.

Doodle may not be a drawing service, but it certainly does make it much easier (and more fun!) to get something scheduled.

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I recently attended the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum & Technology Showcase. The conference featured two dozen of the of the hottest technology companies in Washington presenting their business in a competition for “Best In Show”. LiquidPlanner is the only project management tool that lets you easily adapt your project plan based on real-life change and uncertainty. The result is realistic schedules that make planning, collaborating, and hitting deadlines a breeze.

Don’t just multi-task, manage your time effectively. LiquidPlanner makes prioritizing, organizing, and scheduling simple, no matter how many projects and clients you have to juggle, so you can focus on what’s really important: getting things done.

Who doesn’t need help scheduling themselves, in order to do everything you have to do? I know I do! There are just so many hours in each day, and that is not nearly enough! I have a hard time some days trying to cram in everything I have to do… forgetting things here, putting something off there, shuffling others to a back burner – or hand them over to my assistant and beg her help!

LiquidPlanner sure would make my life easier. I’m not only going to tell you to check them out – I’m checking them out for myself!

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How to Schedule Appointments in Different Time Zones

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There’s never enough time. Inevitably, we have to communicate with people in different time zones. How do you figure out all of the logistics? It can be a nightmare if you aren’t using a service like Permatime.

Imagine you want to arrange a phone call across different time zones. Simply set the time, in your time zone, and permatime.com will generate a link for it. If you share this link with others, they will see that time in their own local time zone (and any other zones they choose).

When you first go to the site, you first must set your time zone. Now, add the date and time for your meeting and click “Create Permatime”. You will then be given a link that you can email or text to others. This will allow them to easily get on the same time as you are.

It doesn’t get any easier than that, folks. Set your time, add your meeting time, and send out the link. Everyone involved will quickly be able to coordinate schedules, and get on the same page.

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How Do You Share Calendars and Coordinate Schedules?

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One of the reason I happen to stream my life online is because it’s easier to keep a schedule that way. If anyone asks “when are you streaming?”, I can just answer “right now.”. There may come a time when I have to schedule an event, and coordinate it with a variety of people. Those people could be spread out all over the World, using any number of different platforms. What options do I have then? Thank goodness I found Tungle.

Quickly and easily share availabilities with co-workers, board members, and investors, no matter which calendar application they are using or where they are located – for FREE.

Easily coordinate meetings with people on the go, receiving their responses sent directly from their smart phone devices. Propose times to meet without worrying about being double booked. Tungle handles your availability as it is dynamically updated.

So you see, it doesn’t matter what calendar app you prefer: iCal, Google Calendar or even Outlook. Using Tungle allows you to stretch beyond your desktop, and your company. It will allow you to start interoperating with others on both your schedule… and theirs.


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When can you Meet?

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I work from home, as you probably know. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to coordinate meetings with people. When we need to meet, we have to coordinate our schedules. The more people there are, the more difficult it is to nail down a particular time. Thankfully, I stumbled across a site that can really help. When Is Good is a free and easy way to get those meetings scheduled. There’s nothing to sign up for, and no password to remember.

There are only three simple steps to schedule your conference or meeting:

  1. Click the grid for all the times that are good for you. You get a link to email to your invitees.
  2. They see your proposed times and click on when they are free.
  3. You visit your results page and see when everyone can get together.

Several of my chatters and I tried this out. I asked when everyone would be available to walk the dog. Apparently, 10:00am is the best time for everyone. It really was fast and simple to use. I had a hard time reading their small font… but they give you the capability of increasing the font size. You can change your settings to include half-hour increments, time zones, and even which days or hours in the day to include. Don’t forget to name your event!

Be sure to check this website and their service out the next time you need to schedule anything. Whether professional or personal, you’ll take the headache out of deciding what time is the best time for everyone.


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Sleep Tips

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Tom from England writes: “A lot of people at school in the morning arrive with their eyes half closed and are complaining of how miserable they are, so I made this top 5 list (not just for teenagers) about how to get the most out of sleep.”

  • Stick to a schedule Make sure you go to bed and wake up at more or less the same time every day, even on weekends. This will prevent interference with your ‘biological clock’, and your body will thrive on its new sleeping routine. I may also note that you will rely less and less on alarm clocks.
  • Sleep in darkness It may seem like common sense, but letting even a small amount of light into your room will severely disrupt you when you try to get to sleep. It is also good to know that when waking up in the morning, you should do so with bright lights… especially if you find it hard getting out of bed.
  • Watch what you eat and drink Going to bed on a full stomach (or an empty one) is not good. If you are having a meal, wait at least 3 hours before you go to bed. This is because your body cannot digest food well when you are asleep. It’s also the same with tea or coffee, Coca Cola etc. Caffeine takes at least 8 hours to get out of your system and can keep you awake in bed.
  • Sleep cool There is nothing worse than a hot bed. Open a window or use thinner sheets. You may feel you are lying in bed forever before you can get to sleep when your bed is like an oven.
  • Get as much sleep as possible. Sleeping for short amounts of time, such as around 6 hours, can lead to stress. A good amount is around 8 hours.


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Syncing Outlook, OS X, Google with Ease

Not sure how it happened, but I ran into The Holy Grail of Synchronization – how to synchronize Microsoft Outlook (multiple locations), Google Calendar, Gmail, iPod, and mobile phone with Funambol, ScheduleWorld. I took the time to dig deeper, largely because I’ve been wanting to sync Outlook with Google (and Google with iCal) for a while now – and I’m still using Outlook 2000, which keeps certain syncing tools out of reach.

Standards to the rescue! Engtech, as described, pointed me to ScheduleWorld: “An experiment in a new kind of rich Internet application, built on the foundations of open standards that enables you to access your data from virtually anywhere using a growing number of interoperable devices and software.” Yes, it’s absolutely free – and absolutely 100x more useful than you may realize:

  • Sync between countless devices, platforms (iPod included!)
  • Simple and fast Calendaring, Scheduling, Tasks, Notes
  • Global address book (LDAP!)
  • Java Micro Edition (JME/J2ME) Client for mobile phones

Whoa. As recommended, I downloaded the Outlook SyncML client (which runs independently). Took a small bit of troubleshooting to get going, but the problems were remote – and cleared up quickly by Mark Swanson (ScheduleWorld mixmaster). In no time at all, I was able to do what I’ve always wanted to do – sync calendars, tasks, and notes through simple software, as well as have a network-accessible address book. Dude, ScheduleWorld is absolutely amazing – and free.