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Portable Scanner for the iPhone

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JotNot is a five dollar application, available in the iTunes store. Even though I had only had this App for one day when I recorded this video, it had already turned out to be one of the best Apps I own. JotNot turns your iPhone into a portable document scanner. I took a picture of a document, and performed optimizations right on my iPhone. That makes it nice so that sensitive information never leaves my control.

This is handy if you’re nowhere near a copier, scanner or fax machine. You can take pictures and organize things in an automated capacity. If you’re already going to have your iPhone with you, it makes sense to have a scanning application loaded onto it. You don’t just want to use your camera. JotNot lets you stabilize the camera, and then capture the image. Once you’ve done that, you need to define the edges of your document. You can’t do that with a regular camera shot!

Now you’re going to process your document. Choose your settings to save it as, the jpeg quality, the background color, and more! This could have been a receipt, or just a plain document. It’s optimized perfectly now for use as a document of any type. You can even scan in and manage multiple pages within one document! I can even export this scan via email so that I can print it out whenever I need it.

I don’t know how I lived without this App before. It’s a no-brainer – you really need this App if you have an iPhone. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you’re going to end up using it, and how much time it can save you in the long run.

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HP Photosmart Premium Review

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Yes, this is a printer. It happens to be connected to my network wirelessly. It also boasts bluetooth features and a touch screen! This HP Photosmart Premium allows me to print, copy, fax and scan. It also allows me to connect to parts of the Internet, such as coupons, Google Maps and more!

I can even print wirelessly using the HP iPrint application on my iPhone. It happens to be a free App, even! Without connecting my phone to the network, the App detected the printer on my network and sent the photo to it! How easy was that?!

The coupons feature is pretty cool, even if I do prefer my own coupons. These are ones that you can sort by category, and print out to use in your local store. Enter your zip code, and receive coupons to local stores! Who doesn’t love to save money?!

I can also print a map out for myself, so that I don’t end up lost anymore. I can target whatever location I want using Google Maps, and print out what I need. If you are subscribed to my Twitter, you know that my GPS system called me an idiot recently when I kept missing my turn. By printing out a map, that will hopefully never happen again!

I didn’t have to connect this printer to any computer in order to download updates or anything. This thing is really simple to use. If I wanted to, I could add or change the included widgets. This printer has just about every feature you could want, and then some! I love the fact that it’s connected to my entire network!

[awsbullet:hp photosmart premium]

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16 Tech Things in My House

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I was challenged by Lamarr Wilson to showcase 16 “tech things” in my house. Of course, I opted for the most portable items. How many of these do you have (or want)? Here, in order, are the items that I used:

If you’re inclined to record your own showcase, leave it as a video response to Lamarr’s original video, not mine.

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What to Do When Your Copier Scanner Breaks

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Having trouble getting your copier/scanner to work right? Need to troubleshoot? Here are some tips sent in by a community member that will help you.

  • If the copier does not copy, print or scan turn it off and back on. They sometimes need to reboot just like a computer. They are more like your desktop PC then you know. Many run Windows Xp or Linux in their print controllers and others use Linux for the main operating system of the copier.
  • If you pull out a jam and end up with less then a full sheet of paper in your hand, the copier is still jammed. Try to find the rest of the sheet. When you tear out a piece of paper, any fragments still in there will find a nice dark place to jam and will snag the next copy you make. Many times what would have been a simple jam clearing exercise will become a wait for a service technician to fix the machine.
  • If the copies are light and the copier is not displaying a toner low message, don’t add toner. Something else is wrong. All copiers have sensors that detect low and empty toner conditions. Many problems start out as light copies. Continuing to run the machine may actually cause additional damage and expense. Call for service.
  • All toner is not the same stuff. If you run out of toner, don’t add any that’s intended for a different model copier. You will cause a major problem adding the wrong kind. Think of it like getting a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type.
  • If you get a dark line on your copies when feeding though the document feeder, but not when you copy from the platen glass check for Wite-out, ink or other foreign matter on the narrow piece of glass that is next to the big platen glass. Most modern copiers use document feeders that roll the originals over this narrow glass (often referred to as the “slit glass”). When something sticks to this glass it causes dark lines on copies.
  • BonusTip!! The copier technician wants your copier to operate correctly as much as you do. Many times problems are very intermittent. It helps the technician to know the details of the copy job that caused the problem. Stuff like: paper tray used, single sided or doubled sided copies, the size of your copy/print job, finishing options selected and if it was a copy quality problem, a sample of the copy with the problem.

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Printer Statistics

According to the test sheet that just came from my HP LaserJet 1220, my page counts are as follows:

  • Total Pages Printed = 9477
  • Pages Jammed in Printer = 4
  • Pages Mispicked in Printer = 8
  • Total Pages Scanned = 1559
  • Pages Jammed in Scanner = 1
  • Pages Scanned to Copy = 361
  • Pages Printed From Copy = 375
  • Pages Scanned to Host = 1183