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Which Apps Do You Use on a Jailbroken iPhone?

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This week, Reza is going to show you an app called SBSettings to be used with a jailbroken iPhone. He will be bringing you tips and tricks to help you get the most use out of your jailbroken iOS device each Thursday.

SBSettings will move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly – even while other apps are running.

The app doesn’t come with an icon. Simply swipe the status bar to bring down the main menu window. In the app settings, you can change the way you bring up the SB Settings window. Change it up to suite your needs.

Using this app reduces the total number of apps and pages that you need to go through to do things such as turn 3G on or off. You won’t have nearly as many swipes and clicks to get to where you need to be. Who doesn’t like it when life gets easier?