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Are You a Pack Rat?

I’ve noticed lately that I seem to save things that most people would simply throw out. I have software that dates back so far, it wouldn’t even install on any computers I currently own. Seriously – some of it is that old! I have cables and cords that won’t fit any plugs. I have clothing that went out of style more than a decade ago. It’s time to face it… I am a pack rat.

However, I just can’t pitch this stuff. There are people who don’t have clothing that I could donate mine to. There are people who have and use older computers, who may be able to use this software. Heck, there might even be someone – some where – who can use some of these damn cords that are lying around!!

My point is, if you’re a pack rat it’s time to clean out. But don’t just throw it all away, guys. Take time to figure out who may really need what it is you no longer want/wear/need. You may just make a big difference in someone’s life, by taking a few moments to donate what you need to get rid of, anyway.

I went through a lot of things today, and wore myself out. I had to take a sanity break to check out what’s going on in our community. It’s a darn good thing I did, or you might have missed out on some of it yourself!

Our downloads team has been working very hard to keep updating the new and hot apps that are available. I hope you’re taking advantage of the savings they’ve found!

Also – the holidays are right around the corner. Our coupon guru is hard at work as well, making sure he’s getting the best and biggest coupons there are! Keep the coupons page bookmarked.. you’ll definitely want to check there often during the next few months!

What Ways are You Saving Money Today?

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We all like saving money, right? In today’s World, with the economy floundering, it’s not so easy to do. Commodore256 sent the following top five list to me, full of money-saving tips and tricks.

  • Reward yourself for being healthy. – Do you smoke? If your answerer is “no”, then you’re in luck. You can save the money that you would have spent on cigarettes (roughly $5.50 per pack) and in one year, you would have saved $2,000. ($5.50 x 365 days = $2,007.50) You could save that for a rainy day, or just buy a excellent computer or go on a vacation. If you saved this money over ten years, that could pay for a brand new car.
  • Avoid shady business dealings. – Stay away from Get-Rich-Quick Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, Multi-Level Marketing and Ponzi Schemes. If you ever get caught up in one of these scams, get some legal help.
  • Set up an “Unplanned Emergency Fund”. – You’ll never know when a negative financial event will happen. When that time comes, you’ll need money fast. Examples of a negative financial event would include losing your job, childbirth, sudden illness or even an injury. I believe everyone should have an Emergency Fund.
  • Use Credit Cards wisely. – When you get a Credit Card, only charge stuff on your Card if you can afford to pay it all off in one single payment. This will give you great credit, and you won’t have to pay any interest. If you’re already in debt, there are some non-profit organizations that can assist.
  • Enjoy Cheap and Free stuff. – There are plenty of cheap and free alternatives to have fun. Examples: You could buy used instead of new, you could go to the Library instead of buying Books or Magazine subscriptions, or rent movies instead of going to a theater. You could also save $150 dollars by not buying Microsoft Office. Download and install the free (open source) Open Office instead.

What tips do you have to share with everyone that you use to help save you money?


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How to Save Money

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I love saving money. Don’t we all? I’d rather save it than spend it. My wife, on the other hand, likes to save… spend… make… and even invest money. Of course, most of her investments are in shoes. GTPeach sent in her top five tips for saving money.

  • In investing, never spend more than you can afford to lose. The markets are volatile, and you could be in trouble.
  • Discern what you really need from what you think you need. It could save a lot per month. Do you really need that meal out? Can you honestly say you need that $4.00 cup of “coffee” from Starbucks?
  • Set up a budget. Designate columns for expenses, savings and needs. Then… stick to the budget!
  • Plan your shopping list before you go. Decide what you need, and how much you’re really willing to spend on those items. Keep in mind that often the brand names aren’t always better… but they are more expensive. Always eat before grocery shopping… you know as well as I do how much more junk you’ll buy if you are hungry.
  • Set money aside for savings from each paycheck. Even $20.00 per week adds up to a good chunk over time.

Anyone else that has legitimate financial advice, or credit advice… I’d LOVE to have them, and share them with everyone.


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Mac Software

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Wicket just doesn’t understand that there ARE a lot of excellent programs out there for your Mac. And now, for the next few days, you can save up to 70% off of the regular price for many titles you’ll want to own!

Visit GiveGoodFood2YourMac to get these amazing savings. If you purchase three (3) apps, you’ll save 30%. If you buy five (5), you’ll save 40%. Buying seven (7) apps saves you 50%, and purchasing ten (10) of them will save you a whopping 70%!! Yes, it’s real and yes, it’s completely legal.

‘Give Good Food to your Mac’ is a community action where independent Mac developers come together and build this exciting project : for about 12 days, every Mac users are able to download and taste more than 25 great Mac applications and enjoy discounts ranging from 30 to 70%.
No junk food, just healthy, tasty and innovative products. And because we are speaking ‘haute cuisine’ everybody gets to create their own combination of titles matching their own and unique taste.
The kitchen will remain open until the 8th of december.

Here are just some of the programs you can choose from:

  • Remote Buddy
  • Personal Trader
  • Cover Scout
  • Magnet
  • Morphage
  • iDive
  • Expert Wine Cellar
  • iStopMotion Home
  • Cheetah3D
  • Banner Zest
  • Video Pier
  • Pulp Motion
  • CSS Edit

Hurry and check this deal out! There isn’t much time left! To answer any additional questions about payment, how it works, or anything else, please visit their FAQ Page.

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Coupons for Software and Stuff

Amazon Discount Links

Someone sent me this set of Amazon discount links by email, so I thought I’d share ’em with y’all. If you’re in a shopping mood, you might as well save a few bucks. No coupons or promotional codes necessary; the results should vary depending on availability, I’d imagine.

More Amazon Coupons & Deals:


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