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Are You Ready to Cut the Cable?

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37% of young Netflix subscribers aged 25-34 have cut cable for Netflix only, and almost 30% of users between ages 18-24 are using Netflix only vs. cable or satellite. Are people cutting cable for On Demand services? Are you thinking about it? Lamarr is definitely thinking about it – or at least talking about it.

It’s interesting to see so many people getting rid of standard cable connections in favor of services such as Hulu and Netflix. A recent post on Mashable talks about the ways our living rooms are changing. They discuss every option available these days from Boxee to Netflix to Apple TV.

Lamarr happens to be in this “young age bracket.” He hasn’t cut his cable yet, but he did purchase the Roku Box. He is amazed by it – and the fact that Hulu will be coming to the Roku this fall. He’s replacing his standard TV in his living room with Google TV in the near future, as well.

At the end of October, Lamarr is cutting his cable. Are you doing the same?

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Satellite Gone Wild Threatens Cable Programming

A TV communications satellite is running wild and out of its intended orbit thousands of miles above the Earth. It is threatening to wander into the path of another satellite, which could interfere with cable programming across the United States. Communications company Intelsat apparently lost control of the Galaxy 15 back in early April due to a solar storm which knocked out the satellite’s systems. Intelsat can’t steer the satellite to remain in its own orbit, so it’s creeping towards the adjacent path of another that serves U.S. cable companies.

The Galaxy 15 still receives and transmits satellite signals. However, they will start to overlap and interfere with signals from the AMC 11 if the Galaxy 15 drifts into the wrong orbit as expected around May 23rd. AMC 11 receives digital programming from cable channels and sends them to all U.S. cable system. It operates on the same frequency as the Galaxy does.

“That fact means that there is likely to be some kind of interference,” Yves Feltes, a spokesman for AMC 11 owner SES World Skies, told The Associated Press. “Our aim is to bring any interference down to zero.” He refused to name companies that may be affected. However, Comcast said that they are already working on a plan to keep any problems and interference to a minimum. DirecTV claims they will not be affected at all. Several other companies declined to comment when asked about the possibility of problems.

Why doesn’t someone just zip on up there and yank that wild satellite back into place? To quote Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear: “How hard can it be?” In all seriousness, are you worried about this interfering with your favorite shows? What would happen if we wake up on May 23rd and find that none of our channels come in properly? Maybe we’ll all be watching shows out of Canada or Russia instead of the U.S.

Exclusive: Sirius and XM Satellite Radio on Your iPhone / iPod

If you have an XM or Sirius satellite radio subscription, and you carry your iPod Touch or iPhone with you wherever you go, then you won’t want to be without StarPlayr.

StarPlayr iPhone Beta

In as seamless a fashion as possible, this app will connect to your account and immediately begin streaming channels directly to you – in 32k or 64k glory (although you need a WiFi connection for the higher quality audio stream).

I apologize for the lackluster close-up quality of the video – it’s the best I could do at such short notice. If you’d rather not watch this StarPlayr walk-thru, I’ve snapped a few screenshots which may better illustrate what’s going on with this app.

StarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone Beta