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Let Sand Garden for the iPad Relax Your Mind

Sand Garden for the iPad is a fantastic way to zone out and relax for a little while. I have a small sand garden in my living room and I’m telling you – it truly does help you just chill and let your mind stop running a million miles per hour.

The app may seem to be simple to many of you, but it has several pretty cool features. You can change the type of lines drawn in your sand as well as adding rocks into the overall landscape. Change the size, color and shape of your rocks, and see how truly 3D they are on the iPad’s interface.

You can change the color of your sand to suit your personal style. Additionally, you can change the settings when it comes to how light or dark your picture appears. Once you are finished with
your creation, you can take a snapshot of it to save to your Photo Library.

Son of a Beach

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This is the most amazing iPhone App you could ever imagine. When you run it, the App simulates standing on a beach, with your feet buried in the sand. It’s so real, it’s almost scary!

For only $99.00, you too can pretend you’re standing on the sand, right in the comfort of your own office. After all, we know that no Indoorsman would ever venture out, right?

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Do You Like Going to the Beach?

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We can always count on some excellent tips from regular chat room member Bowler4Ever. This list is no exception. Here are some tips to make your next trip to the beach fun and safe.

  • Bring a lot of cash, a DEBIT OR GIFT card(s), and plenty of quarters for the arcades and the parking meters! If you don’t, then the change machines are always nearby when you need a couple bucks in change. Be sure to use $1 or $5 bills, as most machines only take those bills.
  • Bring sunblock, preferably anything over SPF 30. There are some sunblocks that have as much as SPF 60-70! Ensure that the sunblock takes care of UVA and UVB rays! If not, then you can get badly burned or even INFECTED!
  • Bring some friends! You can’t go to the beach alone as it gets pretty boring after awhile! Bring some friends (and a portable grill!) to join you on the trip. You’ll have much more fun with other people (plus, you never know if they’ll pitch in for you if you’re short on something!)
  • Bring coupons and vouchers! You never know what you can find in a coupon booklet or vacation pamphlets! Take a peek through them to find a good restaurant, free mini-golf games, or even a discount at the water slides! More money for you is always a good thing!
  • Bring the cameras! You’ve got to memorialize your fun somehow. Digital cameras and video camcorders are the best cameras to bring for ease of use and to get them uploaded to websites such as Flickr. If you just want to show family, a disposable camera will do just fine.


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