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Thursday Night Geek Dinner in Palo Alto

Okay, I’m in town for something I don’t think I can talk about right now. However, that said, I’ll be free on Thursday evening – staying somewhere in Palo Alto. Any geeks up for grabbing some grub in town? I’m without a car, so… my legs can only carry me so far.

UPDATE: I don’t think I have very many (if any) Palo Altoid readers. That’s what I get for not living here! I’ve received a trickle of comments and suggestions, but certainly not enough to warrant any kind of unofficial convergence. Methinks the geeks are either (a) on vacation or (b) too busy washing their hair. I think I’m just going to hang out at the hotel restaurant (Sheraton Palo Alto) on Friday evening around 6pm’ish – so if you wanna come, come. Otherwise, in the immortal words of Eric Cartman: “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Not until Friday morning, though… and if anything else changes, I’ll update this entry again.

Hey Hey, San Jose!

Silicon Valley – how cool your breezes blow across my balcony in the San Jose Marriott. We’re covering the Search Engine Strategies conference for Windows Live this week, and I think I’ve inadvertently stumbled into a different kind of interview strategy. From this point forward, every one of our guests will be forced to reveal between 5 to 10 tips to our listeners. Everybody wants to be an expert, so instead of merely talking about their expertise – we’re going to allow them to prove it to everybody. Infonuggets are easy to digest, even with the most foreign subjects. Oh, and speaking of foreign – Jake’s headed to DEMO China in a couple of weeks, and we’re actively seeking sponsorship with what will likely be a set of very unique and exclusive interviews.