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Clear-ly Bad Customer Service

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Yay! Finally, I’ll be able to… wait. No, I can’t. The Rover Puck (running on Clear’s service) isn’t working for me, and their customer service is nothing short of a joke.

I don’t know why, but I seem to be having the worst luck with technology lately. For some odd reason, everything I touch seems to stop working near-immediately. And you know me – I’m about as gentle as they come!

You can’t always count on having access wherever you go in the world. I plucked down some serious dough to buy the Rover Puck to make sure I’d have an access point with me. This device promises to keep up to eight devices connected to a 4G network. However, I am pretty disappointed in the Puck. During the first 24 hours of the 48 hour free grace period, I wasn’t able to get online at all… no matter what I tried.

The Rover company is actually Clear – in Rover clothing. Clear is one of the worst consumer electronics companies on the planet in terms of their dastardly customer service options. Clear makes it nearly impossible to cancel any type of service with them – and charges you an arm and a leg to do so. Rover claims to have a month-to-month contract, which seems nice on the surface… IF you can even make it work.

I can’t recommend this product, folks. I just can’t do it. Not only are they a Clear company, they’re using a proprietary cable. That’s another rant in and of itself, as you know. Setting aside the fact that the product won’t work, I cannot in good conscious tell you to try something out that has such horrible support behind it. In order to give the Puck a fair chance at doing what it should, I hopped into a chat with these people. That was a painful experience.

Well, so much for the idea of connecting to a 4G / WiMax network.

Rover 4G Wireless Internet Problem

Yesterday, my new Rover 4G Wireless Internet “puck” arrived in the mail. I could use the Rover Puck last night (for a very brief while) just fine. Suddenly, and without warning, it turned non-functional – despite a 100% perfect admin status page.

I was grateful to be able to give ‘er a go with their 48-hour unlimited trial – but if the following experience is indicative of the shitty service I can expect from Rover in the future, I’m returning the unit immediately and withdrawing all future recommendations. Then again, I discovered it’s running on “CLEAR” – which, I’ve long attested, is one of the worst companies to deal with in the consumer electronics / wireless Internet / WiMax space.

I’m not surprised that my Rover experience has been just as nasty. Check out this joke of a tech support session – with the rep, at one point, referring to the hardware as “wifis.” Seriously.

NOTE: I did move lines for readability / clarity. It would have been easier to follow in real-time – but, as you know, Internet chats (even with one person) can become disjointed quickly.

Hello Chris. Please wait while we find a ROVER specialist to help you.

You have been connected to Patricia Everest.

Patricia Everest: Hi, Thank you for chatting with Rover. I’d be happy to help you.

Patricia Everest: What is the Mac ID# to the device?

Chris: [redacted]

Patricia Everest: You will need to go to the user interface and check on the signal strength

Chris: 100%

Chris: Everything checks out.

Chris: I can get to the local admin interface.

Chris: I have an IP as assigned by the connection…

Chris: But… nothing else.

Patricia Everest: what is your ip address you are getting?

Chris: Which – client or the puck?

Chris: Client IP is

Chris: DNS is… which is odd, but that’s what it’s showing.

Patricia Everest: that is the wrong ip, it should end with a number other than 1. please check
your connections

Chris: Puck IP is

Patricia Everest: i need the ip for your wifi on your puck

Chris: You’re asking one question with four possible answers.

Chris: i can email you a screen shot of what I see.

Patricia Everest: i need the ip address on your computer, you are giving me more information than i did not ask for. all i need is the ip address from your wifi connection

Chris: I’m not going to argue with you, but you said “I need the IP for your wifi on the puck” – and that’s the info I gave you. If you’re asking for AN IP address assigned to a connected system, one would be

Patricia Everest: you have given me three ip address starting with 192.168

Chris: And the Puck IP, too – scroll up. “Chris: Puck IP is”

Patricia Everest: I’m sorry you are having problems understanding me, i will try to be more clearer. when you are connected to the wifi, what ip address do you get. it should start with 192.168

Chris: You said “I need the IP address on your computer” – and I have two connected systems. One (again) is showing as the IP, and the other is showing “”

Chris: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Patricia Everest: are you connected to two wifis at the same time?

Chris: …that’s impossible.

Chris: They’re not “wifis,” they’re access points. And no, I have two different systems connected to the Puck.

Patricia Everest: it is not possible if you have two wifi adapters. you should only get 1 ip address


Patricia Everest: you can have upto 8 devices connected

Chris: Yes, I know.

Chris: I’m trying to troubleshoot, eliminating the possibility of this being a problem with ONE system.

Patricia Everest: I appologize that you are having problems connecting. lets try something else. where do you get your ip address

Chris: Admin Status page

Patricia Everest: what happens when you try to browse. do you get an error message, and what do you see?

Chris: timeouts

Patricia Everest: have you tried to connect with another computer?

Chris: are you kidding me?

Patricia Everest: no

Chris: scroll up

Patricia Everest: i don’t understand why you want me to scroll up

Chris: I’ve told you, nothing short of twice, that I have two systems connected to the puck.

Chris: They’re exhibiting the same problem.

Patricia Everest: sorry, you also said you cannot connect more than 1

Chris: No, I didn’t.

Chris: I was correcting your error, in that you can’t connect to two access points from one antenna at the same time.

Patricia Everest: have you tried to ping?

Chris: Yep. “Unknown Host”

Patricia Everest: you have a valid ip address. have you tried resetting the puck?

Patricia Everest: are you still there?

Chris: I can’t even factory reset

Chris: i can’t get a connection

Chris: even after sticking a paper clip in the pinhole…

Patricia Everest: can I have your address please?

Chris: [redacted]

Patricia Everest: It seems that we are having some issues in WA with our signal. Our techs are working to solve the problem and should be working in a few hours

Chris: so my “free trial” was uselss?

Patricia Everest: no, you still have time to use, you will only miss a few hours

Chris: few hours? It was problematic last night.

Patricia Everest: when did you setup your account?

Chris: last night.

Chris: it seemingly worked fine. then an hour later, it didn’t.

Patricia Everest: I’m sorry it is not working now. I will submit another issue so our techs can escalate and fix the problem with the system.

Chris: Thank you.

Patricia Everest: it should be working in a few hours, is there anything else i can help you with?

Chris: no