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Rotan Island in Honduras

Initially, we planned on kayaking in Honduras this afternoon. Tour tickets for this port of call were secured earlier this week, but this morning we found ourselves wanting to take a leisurely approach to the day. We lay by the top deck pool for an hour in between breakfast and lunch (without actually swimming). I sucked down an icy, rum-based beverage – par for the course. “Chris P” started to get crispy, so we knew it was time to head indoors. From there, we decided to take a tender ashore for a short while – if only to take a few photographs and make a few memories. Maybe I’ve become fully Seattlized, but I’m already sunned out for the week!

During the Maya reign in Central America (between the 4th and 10th centuries), the Paya Indians populated the Bay Islands. The Payas were a smaller and less advanced group than the Mayans. Their civilization was characterized by simpler housing and tools. Payan artifacts (pottery, jade, and shells) are often found in Island burial and ceremonial sites and are referred to by the locals as “yaba ding dings.”

According to reports, in the village of Punta Gorda (on Rotan), the locals still make their own homes. I’m guessing there’s not a single Home Depot within a hundred-mile radius of our current location. No matter, we didn’t really get to explore the Island; Ponzi and I hit a single gift shop, strolled along the edge of the beach, circumnavigated the pier, and loitered around a couple of turtle pools before heading back to the cruise ship (less than an hour after leaving it). I think I’m sunburnt.