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Fart Lauderdale

We made it! The honeymoon has begun! Break out the champagne! Where’s the Tylenol!?

We flew from Seattle to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale – leaving home at 9 AM (PST) and hitting the hotel pillow somewhere around Midnight (EST). It was a long day, but in retrospect – it “flew” (so to speak). The first, and substantially longer, flight was on one of Delta’s newer 757s – with LCD monitors sewn into the back of each seat’s head rest. I watched “Little Miss Sunshine” on demand, a few minutes before Ponzi started to watch the same movie. I laughed, I cried.

After that, I went back to the main menu, flipped through a couple of Dish satellite-powered television stations, then opted to try my hand at a touch-screen clone of Galaga. A few minutes later, my screen had completely locked up – and I didn’t know how to reboot. I fiddled with it for a few minutes and ultimately gave up. Thirty minutes later, it seemed to reset itself – and I saw Linux booting! Yes, I just so happened to capture a few seconds worth of video just for posterity. No telling what distro they’re using, though.

The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant – so it’s pizza delivery for dinner. Our room is cozy, and doesn’t smell like fart. I hate it when hotel rooms smell like fart.