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Do You Google the News?

A report released today says that about 44% of Google users simply skim through news headlines, and never click through to read the full stories. The report goes on to predict the continuing decline of print news in favor of being able to get it online. This doesn’t come as much surprise to me – or anyone else, really.

However, I don’t agree that that many people never bother to click through. Sure, I scan headlines, much like the rest of you. However, if something catches my eye then I cannot stop with just a few sentences in a Google search. I have to click through and read the rest of the article. I have a feeling most of you are the same way. The article states that 2,787 US news consumers were polled. That’s fine… but who did they poll? How do we know that very tiny number of the population truly represents us all? I don’t agree that they possibly could.

What are your thoughts? Do you turn to the Internet for your news? Do you scan and go, or click and read? What other sites do you enjoy reading articles on, to find out what’s happening in the World around you?

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Is Having Sex with a Robot Hooker Cheating?

I found an article the other day that made me wonder… is having sex with a robot hooker considered cheating? Will it be at any point in the future, perhaps? I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one – considering it’s not really a possibility yet. Who knows? Well, my friends have a few thoughts of their own:

Uh, I don't know. Ask Ev and his wife: http://www.flickr.com/photos/j…Josh Bancroft

It is cheating: With advanced technology, having sex with a robot hooker is too much like really cheating. For all intents and purposes, you're having sex with another woman. Plus, what if you want to buy your own robot hooker and keep her in the closet at home? It's a thin line between robot hooker and robot girlfriend. – Russellreno

Is having sex with a robot gigolo cheating? – SciFi Ranter Girl

good question. probably not. – Josue Salazar

No different than a dildo, unless the robot is sentient. – mentaleffluvia

🙂 – Mitchell Tsai

no. – Duncan Riley

Reminds me of the anime Chobits. – Oliver Ortega Chua

We don't have a lot of robot hookers in our town. You city people amaze me. – Chris Baskind

I see a movie developing here… – Justin Korn

It is cheating, not because of the realism of the robot, but because of your intentions. – Morton Fox

Morton, what intentions? Is masturbation cheating? – mentaleffluvia

um… do men not care WHAT they have sex with? If the sex is BECAUSE it is a robot hooker then that is a kink yeah? I say no, not cheating, inanimate objects should not be an emotional threat. – Allison

Chris B – Check with your mechanic. You'll be surprised. – Russellreno

Until you can leave your SO to have a emotional relationship with said robot, no. – Dana Franks via twhirl

depends on how long it lasts. I'd like to see that one CHEATERS! – Eric Truman

Only if you get caught. – Jonathon

I think the robot would have to pass the Turing Sex Test before it could be considered cheating. To pass the Turing Sex Test a reasonable person wouldn't be able to tell if they were having sex with a machine or with a human. Of course, what if, at some point robots surpass humans in satisfying sexual desires? – Tad Donaghe

Only if you didn't get the one I told you to get… – PonziPirillo

I'm going to watch *that* Futurama episode tonight – Bwana McCall

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