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Scoble and Pirillo – What is Gnomedex?

Apparently, Gnomedex has a lot to do with beer – at least according to Robert Scoble and myself. It was a conference of inspiration, innovation, influence and illustration. Somehow that translates into a “bunch of drunk Geeks.”

We had a great time talking with the kids from OmniTechNews. We discussed how Gnomedex was the first conference where Robert noticed that everyone had a computer and was connected to the Internet. I feel that it was all about individuals using the power of technology to get a message around the world in seconds flat. It helped to empower people.

Our biggest piece of advice to young tech enthusiasts everywhere is to learn some code!

Robert Scoble Interviews Kat During Gnomedex

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During the Gnomedex registration party, the people watching the live stream wanted to talk to Robert Scoble. Kat dragged him over to the camera and apparently tried to leave. Robert had other ideas though. He decided to turn the tables on her and he interviewed her. Keep in mind that Scoble interviews some of the biggest and brightest people in technology and social media.

In the minds of our community members, Kat is a rock star of social media AND technology, and it was smart of Robert to take time to talk with her. I’ve long said that I would not be doing as well as I am without having her by my side for the past three years, and I meant it. She was instrumental in making Gnomedex happen this year, and in making it the best we’ve ever had.

According to this footage captured by UncleJohn, Robert and Kat had quite an interesting conversation. What would YOU ask of either of them if you were going to interview them?

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How to be a DJ with Your iPad

Rana Sobhany could very well be the World’s first iPad DJ. According to Scoble, she “rocked the iPad Dev Camp” in Silicon Valley last weekend. She’s been a DJ for quite a while now, spinning and grooving with the latest technology.

Rana’s sound mixer is connected to the iPad via a standard mini-jack. There are no computers or synthesizers being used. She’s using two separate iPads, and doing a lot of crossover work between the two. She has a very standard USB pre-amp which is connected to her computer in order to push the audio out so that we can hear it. All of her equipment together cost her about $700.00. It’s a simple and easy-to-use setup.

All of the apps she’s using were built before the iPad even came out. This makes her more excited to see what developers may have up their sleeve now that the device is on the market.

Rana’s Destroy The Silence experiment is attempting to find out if the iPad can revolutionize music creation using no laptops or synths. She simply uses two iPads, an iPhone and apps right out of the App Store.

Given what she is working with and the price point she’s used, what Rana is doing is pretty dang amazing.

Who Wants an iPad?

The Internet has been saturated today with content about the iPad. Everywhere you look (including here on my own site), you’ll find blog posts, pictures, videos and teasers. Some of the information was educational. Some of it was funny. Some of it makes me even more anxious for my own iPad to show up on my doorstep in a few hours. Nothing that I have come across, however, has been as entertaining as Robert Scoble’s tweet stream.

Robert got into line (first in line!) at the Palo Alto Apple store Friday morning at 11:00 AM. The Apple store there doesn’t open until 9:00 AM on Saturday to start selling the iPad. Yes, folks… that is 22 total hours the man will spend in line. My first thought was that he was absolutely freaking insane. As I read the tweets floating by, though, I began to realize how truly genius of a move this was. Not only is Scoble going to be the first at that store to buy the iPad, he’s also spending some quality time with some very cool people.

Reportedly, Chatroulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy is hanging out in the line. Not only is he coming up with new ideas for his service, he agreed to finally give in and join Twitter. There are a few venture capitalists milling about. Let’s hope several locals were smart enough to brush up their business plans and join the fray.

At one point, Will Park was streaming the show live – thanks to Scoble’s generator. Sadly, though, the Po-Po came and made Robert shut down the generator. That particular tweet had me laughing so hard I nearly had a “moment” I cannot share here. Sorry, dude… that’s just funny.

The point of this post isn’t to poke fun at Scoble, even though that is admittedly fun to do. The point, my friends, is to show you that hanging out in a line for more than 20 hours in front of a building is about FAR more than a buying a device. You never know who you will run in to – or what could happen – in line at the Apple store!

Keep your computers and mobile devices up-to-date with the hottest software available.

Natasha, Art Girl Geek

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Traci Toguchi was in Las Vegas during this past week, covering the Consumer and Electronics Show for us. While attending an after-party hosted by Robert Scoble, Traci ran into Natasha Wescoat, who happens to be a friend of mine! Natasha is an Art Geek in the true sense. Not only is she an amazing artist… she’s also a true techie Geek! What more could you ask for? I have to give props to our friend Daynah for the camera work during this video… using an awesome Vado 3 that Creative sent to Traci for this purpose.

Natasha loves attending conferences, especially CES. She is obsessed with gadgets in general. She was also chosen to be a Ford Fiesta Agent. This involves spending 6 months behind the wheel of their own Fiesta, lifestreaming their experiences, and completing monthly missions to show you what the Fiesta is all about.

At one point, she created a unique – and amazing!! – art print of my dogs, Wicket and Pixie. The print was auctioned off, and the proceeds were given to a local animal shelter. That was an amazing experience for me, and we had a lot of fun trying to get the dogs to cooperate! I’m not sure the pups will ever lose the ego boost they gained from being turned into something that will be appreciated forever.

Natasha states that she is always inspired by whatever place she happens to find herself in. She manages to find something beautiful everywhere she looks. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if everyone could do that?

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Who is iJustine?

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Traci was in Las Vegas last week to cover the CES conference for us. While there, she was able to catch up with none other than iJustine while attending Robert Scoble’s Blogger Party. Justine was, as always, fun and insightful. It ws the first time that Traci and Justine had met in person, which was apparently icing on the cake for Traci! Thanks so much to Daynah for working the Vado 3 that Creative provided to Traci for this conference.

Justine feels that this year, CES was ramped up quite a lot from what it was last year, and was having a great time. When she attends conferences, she doesn’t normally have an agenda of any kind. She just prefers to keep her options open, meet people she’s only ever talked to online, and reconnect with old friends!

Traci was asked to find out what Justine’s favorite snack is. When you guessed the answer, were you even close? I know I wasn’t!

Thanks again, Traci, for handling things so well for us during the conference!

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