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Where Do You Look for Jobs?

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What do I do for a living? Go ahead and take a guess. I do a ton of different things: writer, content producer, consultant and occasionally a speaker at functions. I have managed to turn something I love into a career. You may not be so lucky, and might be looking for something new. Where do you go to find a new job?

Web 3 Jobs can give you a headline to your new career today. What’s interesting about the navigation of this site, is that there’s no page reloads. If I click on one of the tabs, the sidebar shuffles, and refreshes the main area automatically. That makes it much simpler when I’m searching for something in particular.

I can read more about a job now, or mark it to read later. You can even subscribe to RSS feeds for specific job categories or key words. This is a very effective way to look for something new or different. It’s even great for employers looking to hire someone!

I have 25 coupons to give away to 25 of you community members! If you’re looking for a job, or need to post a job – a coupon to do so for free will help! So, how can you win? Go to Twitter and send the following tweet:

@chrispirillo I need a job! http://www.web3jobs.com

Of course, if you’re wanting to hire someone and want to win, just change that to say:

@chrispirillo I am looking to hire someone! http://www.web3jobs.com

We’re at a point in history where many people are losing their jobs. However, there are people out there hiring. Web 3 Jobs is looking to bring the two parties closer together.

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Do You Have Any Resume Building Tips?

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When is the last time you updated your resume? For me, it’s been well over ten years. Some companies, after you give them your resume, may even Google you. So, be careful of what you put out there online. What method do you use to update and give out your resume? If you’re padding your resume with things that aren’t exactly true, expect to get caught on it. Be honest when you build your resume. If you don’t know where to start, let me tell you this. Don’t download a template, or edit it in a word processing program. My recommendation at this point in time is to use something like Emurse.

Create, share and store your resume online for free. Creating a quality resume is a difficult task. Keeping track of your various versions is a hassle. Once you have it all figured out, there’s the worry of formats, hard drive failure and viruses.

Emurse allows you to focus on what’s most important… writing quality content and selling yourself. Emurse helps you keep track of both online and offline resume distribution. Keep notes and set statuses for each event. Set follow up reminders to keep you on task. Be notified whenever your resume is received.

Emurse allows you to safely build an online identity. Instantly turn your resume into a website with complete privacy control and advanced statistics. Emurse analyzes your resume and job search activity to deliver relevant jobs directly to you. Always be informed of other available positions with zero extra effort.

Their resume templates are just beautiful. You can look at job offers, view other people’s resume, and receive reports about your resume. I wish I had something like this back when I was sending out resumes. It’s just an easy and very effective way to conduct your job search. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

What impresses me the most is that a resume built here can be saved, printed out, or subscribed to using an RSS reader. There’s also a “contact” tab, to help you keep track of yourself and others. Actually, I’m so impressed with Emurse, that if I ever have a need to hire someone again I’ll likely insist that they use this site to apply. This is just literally that good… the best I’ve ever seen.


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