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Meeting the Microsoft Research Team Leaders

I’m a sucker for new technology (hardware, software, services, et al). I was delighted to have been invited to attend Microsoft Research TechFest as a “blogger.”

One thing that strikes those even casually acquainted with Microsoft Research is the immense scope of the work performed by the hundreds of researchers spread among the organization’s five labs worldwide. Whether it be high-level conceptualization about the future of technology or more immediately accessible efforts to improve consumers’ media experiences, there are few aspects of the IT revolution that have not been touched—and advanced—by Microsoft Research computer scientists in the 15 years since the group was formed in 1991.

This panel was led by Kevin Schofield. I think you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion that I did: MSR is an amazing asset for Microsoft, constructed and run by amazing people. I only have one wish for Microsoft Research: release early, release often. 🙂

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