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Remix My Burps!

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Yes, I burp. Don’t claim you don’t do it. We all know you do! Burping is a natural part of life. And let’s face it – for us dudes, burping is funny.

I decided to upload my burp video, and am asking all of you to get your creative juices flowing. Go ahead… remix my burps! Use them to create something unique and fun of your own. Make sure you leave it as a follow-up video response to this on YouTube, so that everyone can take a look at what you’ve come up with.

One of the best video responses so far on YouTube was done by Owen1150. Since I’m a Tetris fanatic (who obviously likes burping), I thought I’d share his creation with you, as well!

Get busy creating your remix of my burps!

[awsbullet:burp joke]

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Where Do You Create and Share Your Audio Files and Remixes?

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Recording audio can be fun! You may be doing your own podcast, or you’re in a band. If I were to ask you for an open-source solution that will help me edit audio, you would probably recommend Audacity. I just don’t like it, though. What other alternatives are out there? Koblo is another open-source (read: FREE!) music community that allows you to do a variety of things.

Koblo is a music community that helps you make music and promote your songs, band or label.

Koblo Studio is our free, open source music editor that you can use to create, edit and remix songs on both Mac and Windows – at no cost!

At the Koblo Marketplace you can buy plugins to extend your studio, as well professional content for remixing or using as a starting point for your own monster hits.

We think everybody should have the chance to create music on their computer. So join us and get into the groove!

You don’t even have to register if you don’t want to. Download the audio-editing tool, and jump right in. Purchase (or download for free!) professional multi-track projects, and get all the music material you need for remixing or kickstarting your own projects.

There’s an auxiliary section, so you can tweak things as you like. What makes this different from a regular old audio editor, is that they cross your compilations over with the community. As soon as you create something with this software, they want you to share it with everyone else. You’re not on your own. The entire thing is centered around your creation, in relation to the rest of the community.


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What Software Helps Remix Music?

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When you stream your life online 24/7 like I do, you’ll eventually say something that someone thinks is funny. They’ll record it, and upload it somewhere like YouTube for everyone else to laugh at. I don’t mind when people do that. What do you do when you want to create your own sound mixes? That’s where JamGlue will come in handy.

Jamglue is an online community for creating and sharing original music and audio. We let you upload as much music as you want, create mixes, and share your creations with the world! One of the coolest things about Jamglue is our web-based remixer that lets you combine and edit tracks right in your browser.

Jamglue’s simple Flash-based mixer works from within your browser! You don’t have to be an experienced musician to make great mixes — all you need is an imagination and a mouse. Click the play button to start the mix playing. While it’s playing, drag some of the clips around and adjust the volume sliders. To really go nuts, add something new using the large orange button at the bottom. If you make something you like, save your mix using the Save/Save a Copy buttons at the top.

You can mark mixes and tracks as “favorites” to give people props for creating cool music and to show off your great musical taste. You can even write your own mini-review or download the song to listen to on your mp3 player! You can embed mixes and tracks in your blog or MySpace page so that all your friends can easily listen to your favorite Jamglue music.

It really is that easy. Simply upload or record your own tracks. Create an original mix, or personalize someone else’s… and then show it off to others. That’s all there is to it. It’s really addicting to sit here and become a DJ for a day, creating your own original jams!


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New ytcracker Album!

Geeks, meet your voice! While I don’t consider myself a hip-hop or rap fanatic, I love this guy – and his new album will be out in a few weeks.

  • Artist Name: ytcracker
  • Album Title: nerd life
  • Music Genre: Nerdcore
  • Record Label: Nerdy South Records
  • Album Producers: dj snyder, tanner4105, redcat/bbear, robby atoms, sark 2.0, silent john
  • Album Availability: 12/17/06
  • Pre-orders Available: Immediately (with autograph)
  • Rating: FIVE STARS!
  • ytcracker - nerd life
  • Track List:
    1. the beginning
    2. shouts
    3. still dg (tanner4105 mix)
    4. reintroduction
    5. slope
    6. padillac shouts
    7. shineback
    8. game theory
    9. shouts
    10. everyone knows
    11. nerdy swagger
    12. social engineering
    13. downloadupload
    14. untouchable
    15. shouts
    16. random toxicity
    17. nerd life

Every red-blooded boy and girl geek needs to buy this album. I first heard about ytcracker on Adult Swim, and I’ve been a fan ever since. He throws nerd jargon around like it’s nobody’s business. Much like Derek, ytcracker is a geek music legend in his own time.