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Cruise Ship Engineering

Despite having unwillingly skipped most of our intended shore excursions, Ponzi and I have rather enjoyed our time aboard this Regent cruise ship. It’s been a relatively smooth ride, in some part due to the fantastic structure beneath our feet:

An innovative, no-compromise-for-quality approach in luxury cruising even extends to Seven Seas Voyager’s engineering systems. Instead of normal propeller shafts, the voyager utilizes the latest Dolphin Azipod propulsion system, a wonder of 21st century marine technology. This configuration utilizes two self-contained propulsion pods located on the underside of the ship, which are able to rate by 360 degrees in any given direction. A 20ft propeller attached to each pod allows for the ship to literally turn on a dime and navigate quite precisely in tight quarters, almost entirely eliminating the need for tugs. This unique electrically-generated system produces a quarter operation with increased power efficiency, reduced fuel, consumption and environmental pollution.

Nights have been a bit rockier than I would have expected, but nothing’s falling off the shelves (or throwing us out of bed). Our assistant tells us that it’s been far worse at times. This ship, apparently, can take it.