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How to Help Japan Thanks to SXSW

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The recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan took thousands of lives, left millions without homes and destroyed a countless number of businesses and farms. It will take many years to rebuild some of what was lost, if it can be rebuilt at all. The country and its citizens are still reeling from aftershocks and fearing the worst with the issues at the nuclear plants. Even the parties at SXSW this week couldn’t completely obliterate the haunting video footage from our minds.

People such as Hermione Way of the The Next Web didn’t sit on their laurels drinking mimosas. They got out there and did their part to send relief to this country so ravaged by nature. She and a friend decided to raise money using only their iPhones, a Square device and their humor. Hermione performed several fun tasks in exchange for donations to the Japan relief effort.

Our buddy Drew Olanoff donated some money. Several other people did, as well, including a whopping $1111.11 donation from Tim Ferris. Tim challenges you to double his donation – are you up to the task?

The girls raised about $4500 in less than 36 hours, doing everything from being thrown into a swimming pool fully clothed to chugging a full beer – a task that Hermione hopes she never has to repeat. She also reportedly gives good neck and back rubs! They will continue to raise money over the next several days via IndieGoGo.

Another group has begun an “official” SXSW fund-raising effort called #SXSWCares. In just a few days, around $57,000.00 has been raised! This shows how much heart geeks really have, folks. We aren’t only concerned about the next big tech gadget or newest location service. We care about our fellow humans – often in a very big way.

The SXSW committee is putting their money where their mouth is: as of the writing of this blog post, they are offering up:

The next to donate $900+ receives a 2012 SXSW Platinum Pass. Only 1 left.
The next to donate $650+ receives a 2012 SXSW Gold Pass. Only one left.

That’s a pretty sweet deal, folks. If you have ever seen the cost of those particular passes, you’ll know that’s a bargain. Not only are you getting the ticket at a good price, the money you “spend” is actually going directly to the Red Cross to help the victims in Japan.

You can contribute to the SXSW Cares cause in one of three ways:

You can, of course, also help spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, your blog and any other websites you visit regularly.

Even a few dollars will go a long way towards helping the people who are facing devastation on such a large scale that it’s hard for us to imagine as we sit here in our homes following the announcements, product launches and parties that together make up SXSWi. If you can, I urge you to donate. If you cannot, please keep the people of this beautiful country in your thoughts, and spread the word to others where you can.

Help Haiti by Watching YouTube

Just after the horrific earthquake rocked Haiti, I wrote an article discussing several different ways that you can help. More than a month later, there are still bodies buried in the rubble. Stories are popping up in the news on a daily basis of survivors being found alive, having been buried or trapped for weeks. There is no end in sight for the plight of the brave Haitian people. It will take many years to begin to recover from this disastrous event.

The people of Haiti still need your help. Stars in the music industry have stepped up in full force, putting together fundraisers and even telethons. Now, however, they’ve come up with an even cooler way for you to do your part in the relief effort. Thanks to producer Quincy Jones, we now have a new version of the old song “We Are The World”, in which Michael Jackson and a cast of other stars sang to raise money to help end World hunger. This time, the proceeds are going to the Haiti Relief Effort.

A new version of “We Are the World” has premiered on YouTube, featuring more than 75 artists. The video features a diverse array of artists including Mary J. Blige, Tony Bennett, YouTube teen phenom Justin Bieber, and a flashback to Michael and Janet Jackson performing the song 25 years ago. The charitable connection here is a digital download – all proceeds from sales of the song on iTunes go to Haiti relief. The We Are the World Foundation website also offers other ways to donate, as well as more information about the song.

In discussing the effort, Quincy Jones stated that “… with the stroke of a key on your keyboard or cell phone, images and messages can be transferred all around the world to hundreds of millions of people in seconds. That’s an enormous amount of power. How can you not try and harness that resource to help people in need?”

With such a small amount of effort required – and an amazing video to watch – how can you not click that button?

Outdoor Gadget Tech

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Traci Toguchi was in Las Vegas last week, covering CES for us. During the event, she came across a display that Eton had put together, and stopped to find out more. During this interview, Traci is talking with Jonathan Wong, who is an account executive with Eton.

Eton’s Scorpion is a very cool device. It has a solar panel on the top, and a hand-crank on the back. It will help you stay connected, even when no electricity is available. This is perfect for the Geek who loves to go hiking, for instance, but doesn’t want to disconnect from the grid. There’s also a digital radio tuner, and an audio line input, allowing you to play external music devices.

Eton also has a couple of new gadgets available that will help you out… and the Red Cross. The Solar-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger is a great little gadget. A portion of each sale goes to the Red Cross when you buy these! There is also a high-powered LED flashlight for safety available, as well.

Thanks again to Traci for doing such a fantastic job of covering CES for us! Thanks to Daynah for the camera work during recording, and much thanks to Creative for sending Traci a Vado 3 to use while in Vegas!

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How to Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

The screams in Haiti are being heard around the World. The 7.0 earthquake that rocked Port Au Prince on Tuesday brought the already impoverished city of more than two million people to its collective knees. Buildings lie in ruin. Bodies are piled in the streets. Hundreds of thousands of people are still missing in the wreckage, their fates unknown. There is no food, no water and no electricity. As emergency crews fight to get to the scene, people are digging through the rubble on their hands and knees, hoping to uncover survivors. What few houses remain are structurally unsafe. People who were lucky enough to escape with their lives are huddling together in open fields, too afraid to enter any buildings that may still be standing.

Earthquake in Haiti

The devastation is unthinkable and unimaginable. The sheer amount of destruction is seemingly insurmountable. One news blog that I read a little while ago ended with the sentiment that “Any thoughts of full recovery during this generation is unrealistic.”. The more news, videos and photos that reach us from Haiti, the more we begin to realize how true that small statement is. One way to keep up with the very latest news is to follow reporter Richard Morse. He is giving updates from Port Au Prince as often as he can.

Those of us who are not in Haiti are scrambling, trying to figure out what we can do to help. Not knowing what we can do often leads us to do nothing at all. In my opinion, this is not an option right now. The devastation caused by this earthquake is being compared to losing an entire war in just a few short moments.

There are many trustworthy organizations who are already on the scene, and many more that are gathering together resources to aid the victims of this awful tragedy. We have come up with a list of some of the ways that you can help. Please remember that every penny – literally – counts. If you are in a situation where you cannot send money or supplies, do not feel as though you are worthless. Your thoughts, prayers and support are needed by the people in Haiti, as much as the physical donations are.

  • American Red Cross – There are three ways you can contribute via the Red Cross: monetary donations, blood donations, and signing up as a volunteer.
  • Text to Donate – If you want to donate money but are a little short right now, the State Dept. has set up a way to donate via text message. Text “Haiti” to 90999 and a donation of ten dollars will be added to your next phone bill and forwarded to the Red Cross.
  • Doctors Without Borders – The Doctors Without Borders program has been stationed in Haiti for a long time already. Their facilities were destroyed by the earthquake, along with much of their supplies. They are rushing to attempt to care for the injured people who need them, but they need your help.
  • National Nurses United – The nation’s largest organization of registered nurses tonight activated its nationwide disaster relief program to recruit nurse volunteers to provide assistance to residents of earthquake devastated Haiti.
  • UNICEF – UNICEF is dedicated to helping children. Before Tuesday, there were already thousands of children who were orphans living below the poverty level. Today, there are many thousands more.
  • Operation USA – Operation USA has been rated as a four-star charity for the past six years. Every penny that goes in to the organization goes right back out to the places that need it.
  • Mercy Corps – Mercy Corps allows you to send a flat donation of your own, or can help you organize your own fundraising team. They also accept donations other than money, such as clothing and building materials.
  • World Food Bank – The WFP has already pledged more than two million dollars to help feed the people of Haiti. It is expected that the amount needed will far exceed this.
  • T-shirts – Emerald City Fashion Week is raising money to support the relief effort with a Fashion4Haiti T-shirts which are available for immediate purchase! Net proceeds will be donated to World Vision to help children and families affected by the 7.0 earthquake.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Haiti, as well as to the people around the World waiting for news of loved ones.

Helping China

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As of the recording of this video, more than 50,000 people are confirmed dead in China after last week’s Earthquake. Thousands more are feared dead. Several thousand more are injured, starving, and homeless. This isn’t about politics, nor creed, race or color. It’s about human beings… just like you.

They need our help, folks. Basic necessities are impossible to come by in China. They need blankets, water, food, tents, clothing and formula for children and babies that are now starving. This is a tragedy of horrific measure. Think back to 9/11. Remember how the World came together, reaching out to those in the United States who desperately needed help. That’s what we need to do now. We have a social responsibility as a citizen of this planet to do what we can.

There are many ways we can help. You can choose to make a monetary donation, a donation of goods, or even become a volunteer with the Red Cross.

I don’t care if you’re green with purple polka dots, live on Mars, and have no religious or political affiliations. Things like that don’t matter right now. What matters is those people who are dying, those thousands who are injured and need our help. They are human beings, just as you are. It could happen to you, at any time.

In addition to the Red Cross, there are a number of other organizations who are accepting donations in order to help the victims of this horrible tragedy.

Even if you cannot afford to help monitarily, I urge you to say a prayer tonight for those people if you pray. Light a candle. Send positive energy. Whatever it is you do in times of tragedy, I ask you to have a quiet moment to remember those lost, and hope for those left behind.

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