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What’s the Future of Job Hunting and Recruiting?

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Yes it’s true… I have managed to turn a personality disorder into a career. I don’t have a ‘job’ in the traditional sense. I just put myself out there, and they come to me. Are you looking for a job? Did you ever consider your next job may come to you? It’s a possibility, I’ve seen it happen many times. I received an interesting email recently, asking about the future of job hunting.

I’m working on an article about recruiting online – and there are a few companies that are actually posting job leads via YouTube. I’m wondering, as an expert on IT, if you think this is a viable way to job hunt. A lot of companies are slowly starting to embrace social networking tools like LinkedIn and Facebook – and now Youtube – to look for job candidates. Is the way people normally looked for jobs dead?

I would say yes, and no. I don’t think the resume and cover letter are dead. I don’t think making contact with people who are in a position to give you a job has been thrown out the window. I do believe that your next job could come to you, based on the things that you do.

One of the reasons I am so careful about what I do online is that I know people could be looking at me. I’ve landed several opportunities simply because I’ve uploaded videos to YouTube. I landed the gig with CNN because of the videos, and the live streaming.

The next time you go to upload the video, ask yourself if this video is something that a future potential employer will see and love… or hate. Could this video get you a job? Could it keep you from getting one? Don’t think that won’t happen. Trust me, it can and will. Many hundreds of employers (maybe thousands) search candidate’s names online, trying to see just what kind of person you may be.

Did you know the #2 search engine on the planet is YouTube? It’s food for thought.


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