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How to Build Your Own Computer – Tips and Ideas

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Here are some excellent tips you should read when you are preparing to build your own computer. Thanks to everyone who continue to send in their Top five lists. Keep them coming!

  • Save your money. Some times you do not need to buy everything for a new system. If your hard drive is running fine on your current computer, do not go and purchase a new one. Often times you can find things such as a hard drives; and use it for your new system that you are going to build. The only thing you need to make sure is that it will work with your new system’s motherboard. For example, If you do have a spare Video Card that you are willing to use for your new system, make sure it is PCI or PCI-E.
  • Cases. The case of a computer is what holds the components inside. You want to make sure you are going to have enough space to place everything inside. Usually, mid-towers are what you want if you are going to build a regular computer. You may want to go a bigger size than a mid-tower if you are going to use RAID or more Hard Drives for space. I recommend buying the case first, so in a case where a motherboard would not fit, you can possibly return it and get a new one.
  • Power Supply’s (PSU). In my opinion, many people do not realize that they need a good Power Supply. Many people do need see a reason why they need to worry about getting a good one. However, when their computer keeps shutting down for no reason, then you may want to think about it. Power Supply’s are very important because it is going to control all of the components inside of it. If you have a top-of-the-line system with 2 Video Cards with SLI, 4Gigs of Ram, A Quad-Core Processor and 2 500Gig Hard Drives, you are going to need a good Power Supply. However, if you are going to use a on board video card or something along the lines of a lower end machine, you may not want to purchase a bigger Power Supply.
  • Cooling your System. Cooling your computer also goes along the lines of having a good Power Supply. You PC can overheat if you have to much heat coming from your system. There are many ways to cool your system. The first one is to purchase case fans. Case fans, will allow you to create a good airflow so you can cool the system. I suggest placing a case fan in front of the case taking in air; and place another case fan on the back of the case blowing air out. A good airflow is good for keeping your computer cool. The second thing you can do from preventing the system from overheating is to add a good Heatsink. A Heatsink can cool your processor and this is very important if you are going to overclock your system’s processor. The last and final thing you should do, and must do if you are going to run a high end system, is to purchase a water cooling system. This will help the system to cool a lot better than just regular case fans. I do not recommend getting this if you are going to run a basic machine, but for higher end machines with more video cards it is a must.

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