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New PlayStation Device Rumors Strengthen

This is a guest post written by community member Craighton Miller.

Since its release 2004 the PlayStation Portable hasn’t really changed much. With only a couple of tweaks by changing the size of the unit and internal components it has largely stayed the same. Though, that may all change in a couple months, in a recent interview with The New York Times, a high level executive revealed some hints of the companies new device that will hit the market in April.

Sony’s gaming chief, Kazuo Hirai, hinted in the interview towards the rumored Android-powered PlayStation device. Kazuo Hirai, acknowledged in the interview that they are facing major competition from iOS and Android. Although the mobile gaming boom is on an up rise Kazuo Hirai added, “The games being played on Android and Apple platforms are fundamentally different from the world of immersive games that Sony Computer Entertainment, and PlayStation aims for.”

Kazuo Hirai is right for the most part, smartphone gaming is very different from what the PlayStation portable platform has to offer. Needless to say the mobile gaming landscape is changing quickly at an increasing rate.

Gaming developer, Epic Games released its Unreal Development Kit for iOS last September and one of the premiere games made from the development kit, Infinity Blade has made a deep impact on the way games can be created on the iPhone.

One of the big questions on anyone’s mind is the utilization of touchscreens. Kazuo Hirai told The New York Times that touchscreens are only efficient for some games, but he argues that having physical controls lets you immerse yourself deeper in the games that are being played.

Based off of statements from Sony over the last couple of months, one can clearly guess that the new device will be Andorid based, and would have its own device-specific games and even its own network store.

Although, we can assume the device is Android powered it is still unclear if it will be a phone or just gaming device. Though those rumors are unclear Kazuo Hirai, stressed that Sony wants to keep PlayStation’s strengths intact.

Do You Understand?

Over on Lockergnome, I recently asked everyone what the one thing is they’ll never understand in life. The answers have surprised me with their variety. Many of them were one-liners, written to make someone laugh. Several of them, though, had a lot of thought put behind them. When someone replies in this manner, it always helps me to circle back on my own line of thought.

Many men will agree with me that we’ll never understand women. Guess what? Gals can’t figure us out, either. We don’t understand why people blindly follow something without stopping to figure out what it is that “something” may stand for. We cannot make ourselves understand why some people feel they are entitled to more than what life has given them, especially if they do nothing to earn it. In short, we all tend to puzzle over the same set of unanswerable questions at some point in our brain’s meanderings.

What is the one thing you will never understand?

You don’t have to understand computers and how they work in order to know that you need the latest and greatest software and apps that is available.

Seeking Home Theater Advice

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Kevin called in the other night and wanted advice on setting up a home theater. The friend of his who is trying to set things up is wondering if an Xbox 360 is sufficient as a starting point. He also already owns a 1080p television. Have you ever set up a home theater? What was your experience like?

As far as Blu-Ray players out on the marketplace, for my money it was the PS3. It has fantastic quality. Of all the players out there, I realized I wanted it to be able to do more than one thing. That’s why the PS3 made a fantastic option for me. I don’t own many games for it, but at least I have the ability to use it in that capacity at any point in time.

You could get a regular old component and perhaps spend less money. I think that overall, though, you would be happier using something like the PS3.

One place where people tend to skimp when setting up a home theater is with audio. Amazing video doesn’t do you much good if you have crap sound coming out of cheap speakers. Do your research and save money – but you also will need to spend money to have something good. You want to have crisp, clear sound.

Find the balance within your budget for good audio and good video. Together, these will make for a good experience.

I know that everyone out there has one thing they feel you need to have in that environment. Everyone has their own tips and ideas. Hopefully, the community will chip in and give their best advice.

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What Type of Music Helps You be More Productive?

I am like many of you out there… I cannot work unless there is music playing in the background. My assistant Kat is the same way. If she’s at her computer (which is always!), there is music playing. She swears she cannot concentrate unless she has music pumping through her speakers or headphones. It apparently makes her more productive than if she has silence or a different type of noise in her immediate area. Thinking about it, I guess I’m the same way. I do my best writing when there is music to fit my mood at that moment playing.

That’s the key for me… my mood. I don’t listen to any one particular style of music all the time. I like a pretty wide variety of stuff. Some call me “eclectic” in my tastes, and that’s fine with me. I like what I like… and I don’t expect you to listen to it if you don’t. However, I do encourage you to always broaden your musical horizons by listening to something completely different than your normal playlist every once in awhile. Pandora is great for that!

What type of music are you addicted to? Do you work better when you are rocking out, or do you need complete quiet in order to concentrate?

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What Toy Would You Want for Christmas?

I admitted in a video earlier today that I still enjoy playing with LEGO Bricks. I also apparently still like the Lite Brite!

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally letting your inner child come out to play when you’re a grown-up. I personally think it can help keep you sane and stress-free if you let your hair down once in awhile, and take the time to remember what it’s like to play. What do you do during occasions like these? Do you indulge yourself with crayons? Do you prefer to duke it out with action figures?

What toys do your inner child still love to play with?

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Would You Like to Fight Yoda or Darth Vader?

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I grew up in a simpler time in respect to video games. Because of that, I’m still very much just a casual gamer. I don’t really go to arcades anymore, but I grew up with them. I have my own arcade in my office now. Soulcaliber IV is out for the Xbox 360 (and other platforms) now, and one of the characters you can play is Yoda! I grew up with Yoda!

Set to reveal many long-kept secrets, Soulcaliber IV takes place in the 16th century, and involves a legendary cast of characters, each motivated by a unique set of circumstances, but each with the same goal: to emerge victorious in order to claim the powerful Soul Swords, Soul Edge and Soul Caliber.

As you prepare to join this formidable lineup of combatants, you can customize your character and select fearsome, powerful weapons perfectly suited for deadly combat. Fight for the two soul swords with contenders from all over the World – and even beyond, as two new enigmatic characters from a galaxy far, far away make their dramatic appearance.

I realize that some of you are really into the whole fighting genre of games. I would consider myself as intermediate in terms of trying to fight, button mash, and try to defeat other characters. I had to try this out, and play Yoda. I wanted to unleash some of these moves in the game.

As I started to play the game, I noticed all the different modes and the fact that I could create a character and customize it if I chose to. Of course, I chose single-player mode. I started off at the training level, since I’ve never played this before. Yoda, of course, looks awesome. The graphics are amazing. I know my webcam isn’t able to keep up with the action very well, but the quality is just excellent.

I grew up as a Star Wars Geek. I remember playing The Empire Strikes Back on my Atari years ago. Playing this game is bringing back memories of that, and taking my game playing to a whole new level. Thumbs up… way up.


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Are You Ready for Blu-Ray DVD?

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Now that the Format War is over (for now at least), I realize I will have to buy myself a Blu-Ray drive one of these days. When I do buy one, it will be an external USB drive, so I can take it with me from one machine to another in my house. I’m not in a rush, however. One of our Community members sent in the following top five list, of reasons to not rush out to buy a Blu-Ray drive.

  • The best Blu-Ray player currently on the market is a game console. I am not criticizing the PS3s video capabilities. It has been said by many that it’s one of the best Blu-Ray players out there. I just feel like there is something wrong with this picture. I mean, you are going to create a new video format and the best player for that format is a device that was not even designed with video playback as its primary function? Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea that consoles are more than just gaming machines. Something just feels wrong about it being the BEST Blu-Ray player. I don’t know why I feel that way, I just do. Plus… I would rather have a dedicated player.
  • Video availability. This will probably become less of an issue in the coming months now that HD-DVD is dead. I understand that there are great movies out there for the Blu-Ray… however they are not numerous enough yet to warrant the investment.
  • Evolving standard. This is where I will contradict myself a little. If you must purchase a Blu-Ray player today, PLEASE get the PS3. I say this because almost all the current Blu-R,ay players are somewhat obsolete. The great majority of players out there are v.1.0, while the newer players are v. 1.1. Later this year Sony will introduce v. 2.0 for their Blu-Ray players. I may be wrong about this, but while most players will allow you to upgrade the firmware… none are wi-fi capable. The ps3 is already wi-fi capable (so there is no need to route a broadband wire) and Sony has been excellent when it comes to expanding the capabilities of the PS3.
  • Price. I am not willing to pay the current prices for a Blu-Ray player. When it comes down to about $200 or so, I will entertain the thought. For now, I will assume a wait and see position.
  • DVD. I just can’t find a compelling reason to let go of my dvd player. Yes, I know Blu-Ray looks better, but is it honestly that much better? DVD had a clear advantage over VHS, but can the same be said for Blu-Ray over DVD? I also don’t feel like it has a “killer app” or a must-have feature. Some people used the lack of WOW feature as their main reason not to move to Vista… and I honestly believe the same could be said about the Blu-Ray format.

After this was posted, I received the following email and wanted to share it in this post.

You said to chime in as to why we chose one format over the other, and here is my 2 cents. I myself chose Blu-Ray because I am a big fan of Sonys game consoles (yes, a playstation man thru and thru). From a gamers stand point, being able to put much more information per disc, was going to allow Sony (at least in my mind) to smoke the competition with the potential of their gaming consoles graphics and gameplay. I don’t have an HDTV (trust me, i’m workin on it) so HD movies didn’t tickle my fancy. I stayed away from the movie player scene. This is probably the most basic answer you’d hear for people who are pro Blu-Ray, but I figured I might as well tune in. Oh, and as a side note, the potential for Blu-Ray far exceeds the gaming and movie scene. The potential for just storage or large amounts of information as a hard copy backup for corporations or just the general users… Blu-Ray can be written in quad layers for 100gigs of information.


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Blu-ray Wins: HD DVD is Dead

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Up until recently, there was a huge high-definition format war in relation to DVDs. We had HD DVD vs. Blu-ray. Now… HD DVD has gone the way of the Dodo Bird. Nick is a community member who wrote in:

Yeah I know… the stupid debate about HD (physical formats)… but since it’s in the news, I’d like to get your comments about Blu-ray declared winner of this stupid battle against HD DVD (Samsung will focus on Blu-ray hardware, Panasonic will release Blu-ray reader/writer in Japan in February, Blockbuster and Wal-mart will go exclusive BD, etc). Who’s the real winner? How will Microsoft react?

I know online HD content is an option for those who want to avoid that conflict of physical formats (BD/HD DVD), but I still believe that the majority of average users will go for the physical format (discs). Companies like Seagate must be really happy to see the increase of downloadable HD content everywhere because users have to store content somewhere (HDD). But I still think that people will prefer having a physical disc instead of having something stored on their HDD (not to mention going online, downloading the contents, and waiting hours to get it). I think the real winner is probably the consumer with less confusion and more products (players / writers) available. But still, I guess we’ll have to wait 4-5 years before we see HD players/writers in most average users’ homes. Why? HD is really expensive and DVD is still doing pretty well (you can buy a DVD player for $99 and the quality of image and sound is still pretty good).

Well, it’s not a format war anymore. HD DVD is dead, and Blu-ray is the winner. I thought HD DVD was going to have it with the Xbox 360 external drive. I thought Sony was shooting itself in the foot by incorporating the Blu-ray player inside the PS3. I was wrong! Thank goodness I only have a couple of HD DVDs. Now we have to wait for Blu-rays to be everywhere on the market now.

The bottom line is that I was rooting for HD DVD. However, I’m glad the format war is over. Now there’s no confusion, and consumers won’t be hurt any further in trying to choose… and possibly choosing a loser. It’s now Blu-ray all the way… at least until the next format war arrives.

I do believe, however, that physical media isn’t going to be around for too much longer. I’ve already taken to storing my music in the Cloud… online. I’ve got a subscription to Rhapsody to download my music from online. I don’t have any mp3s stored on my hard drive. I have so many computers these days, I can’t keep up with all the content I have as it is. My music is there online if I need it. Why would I download all of that and put it onto a computer, only to move it to another when needed? It’s much easier for me to just have access to it online, no matter where I am or what machine I use.

Streaming media is coming. Downloadable media is coming. I guess I’m now going to be looking for an external USB or FireWire drive that is Blu-ray and DVD-X compatible. What’s the point in waiting? Format wars are over, in case you didn’t know. If you do happen to have HD DVD stuff, keep it. The drives will still work… there just won’t be anything new manufactured with that format.


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Xbox DVD

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I have 4 Xbox 360s, for the simple reason that I can share media throughout the house, or be able to play games wherever I am. I was lucky to win these a few years ago. I received an email from someone saying that they are considering selling their Xbox 360 to buy a PS3. What?!

The email was very thought-provoking. The writer states that he is thinking of switching because Blu-Ray is the winner in the format war. He has a feeling that a larger effort will go into raising PS3s power in the console world. Also, of course, we have the Virtual World coming this Spring. PlayStation Home is a virtual community of PS3 owners living together in both public and private environments. Users will be able to login, chat with both text and speech and play casual games together such as pool, bowling and even embedded arcade machines. And when the old stand-bys grow stale, users can invite one another into other PlayStation Network titles outside of PlayStation Home. Every user will have their own virtual apartment to decorate with furniture, their trophies from various games and content from their own PS3s.

The writer ends the email by asking me which console has the brighter future.

If you already have a handful of Xbox 360 games, why would you sell the console because another player already has a Blu-Ray drive? What’s going to stop Microsoft from developing a Blu-Ray USB drive? Nothing… that’s what. Just because there will be no new content on HD-DVD… doesn’t mean it’s completely dead and unusable. My prediction is that Microsoft will indeed come out with a Blu-Ray USB drive very soon, to bring the Xbox up to speed with the PS3 in that regard. Don’t sell your console just because of this. This has literally only come down the past few weeks. Give Microsoft a chance to develop something for the Xbox.

If you LIKE the PS3, and its options, better than the Xbox… then good on you. Buy the PS3 console. But why would you go to all that trouble just for new physical media? Trust me when I say Microsoft and other companies WILL catch up to the Blu-Ray craze. Don’t count them out yet.


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Should You Buy an Xbox 360?

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Do you have (or plan to buy)a PS3, or an Xbox 360? I have four Xbox 360’s, and love them. One of our viewers sent me in his top 5 list for Xbox, so I wanted to share them!

  • Go Wireless! If you can afford to go wireless, I strongly suggest to do so. Not only is it a more pleasant gaming experience but you will save a fortune on AA batteries with the rechargeable one that comes with the Wireless control pad. On another note its one less thing to trip over, and if you have a wireless receiver on your Xbox, you can plug this into quite a lot of hardware via USB and use your Xbox 360 control pad to operate your software (e.g) your PC, Mac.
  • Keep It Legal! A lot of people these days are getting there Xbox 360’s chipped, Hacked, Jailbreaked or whatever it’s called this week. I know it sounds like common sense to keep it legal but you’d be surprised how many people are attracted to the cheap ” chipped ” games. The problem arises when you choose to play Xbox Live, because you can’t go live once your Xbox has been hacked! At least you can’t here in the U.K. And if you ask me, or any other Xbox 360 gamer, Xbox live is what it’s all about. So keep it legal.
  • Factory Reset! I know this sounds unfair but as we all know, Microsoft are well known for bugs, glitches & crashes. Well there’s no exception to the Xbox 360 as they get them too. Every once in a while, My Xbox 360 will freeze, crash and sometimes even restart themselves. If these problems become more and more apparent (like they did on mine) perform a factory reset in System Preferences and it should cure the issue. It certainly worked for me & my friends. You don’t lose any saved data and your logins and gamer score are kept as they were. All in all, a sure fire way to knock those problems on its head.
  • Clear Your Cache! For a while I was struggling with logging onto Xbox live on a game because I needed to download an update, the update I downloaded never worked and you go round and round in circles until you throw your console out the window! Anyway, this is really useful piece of information and hardly anyone knows of it. It’s easy to do too! This can be done by going to the Dashboard, selecting System, Memory, and then pushing Y as shown on the screen. Then, use the button code X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X. Select “yes” to perform the maintenance, and then try the update again. The update should now install just fine and you shouldn’t have any problems logging onto Xbox live. I hear this even frees up a little memory, which is always great.
  • HD? SD? Get Your Settings Correct! Upon buying my 42 inch plasma television I was running my Xbox 360 into this under the setting of 480p. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the resolution wasn’t as good as my friends. And because I was a newbie to all this technology and settings (as 80% of the market is) I didn’t know that I wasn’t getting the full potential of the High Definition. And after 5 minutes on Google I came to the conclusion my settings weren’t correct. Now I know it sounds stupid but I just didn’t think to check, and most people don’t. So when you get your Xbox 360, whether its being hooked up to a 720p Plasma, or a 1080i LCD make sure your settings are correct. You can do this again in Settings where you can alter your screen resolution because TRUST ME, a lot of people are running there Xbox 360 consoles through a great television and not using them to their potential.

Anyway Chris, I wish someone told me these tips when I bought my Xbox 360 and I hope you can pass these on to the community or even your friends.
E ya later.
Pete Chapman. United Kingdom.

Hi Chris,

I watched your youtube video about the top 5 tips for xbox 360 and that got me thinking about some of the issues the 360 has or had ( depending on peoples past experiences). Im not sure how many people are aware of the 360 motherboards debate these days but reading through litterly hundreds of forum posts i always see nervous dad’s or mothers wanting to ask us “nerds” which 360 to buy there young son or daughter. At the present time xbox 360’s are shipping with falcon motherboards which have better heatskins and a hdmi port (for the newer pro model) and they have had a CPU die shrink to 65 nm to reduce power consumption and heat output. There is even another revision comming out in August 08 called Jasper which includes a GPU die shrink aswell. So what i would like to know is why dont microsoft ever release this information ?. Its always people snooping around that find out what they are doing and then when nervous mothers and dad’s ask for a opinion they get 10000 replys with all these different answers. There are even hundreds of cases i have heard that people will deliberatly get there 360’s to crash and give them the Red Rings of Death because if they send it back for repairs Microsoft will send them one back with the newer upgrades, i mean come on thats not how a gaming console should be should it ? Im not trying to bad mouth the xbox 360 as a console, infact i think its great, best games and graphics but abit more consumer friendly information would be great instead of making people check the manufactering dates as there are still old and newer 360’s out there in the market.
So thanks for your tips


P.S oh by the way. i have a tip, to keep the 360 cooler stand it vertically with the on button at the bottom


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