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How Often Do You Check Your Email?

Someone in my chat room earlier asked the crowd how often they check their email. I don’t think I actually ever “check” my email. My email program is never closed. I spend more time with my nose buried there than I likely do everywhere else combined. A lot of my business is conducted via email. I know that Kat is the same way. She doesn’t “check” her email so much as she does try to stop paying attention to it in order to get other things done.

What about you? How often do you check your email? Do you only do this once a day? Do you open it every few hours? Or are you like the rest of us Geeks, and keep your mail program open on a constant basis?

What else do you spend a lot of time doing at the computer? If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time checking out what others are up to in the community. It’s a great way to read about the latest news, hear opinions different from your own, and to learn about things you may otherwise not have known.

Everyone takes a day off now and again! Yesterday, our Downloads team took a break to share the holiday with their family. Never fear! They’re back at their desks today, and finding you the newest deals on some amazing software!

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Top 5 Xbox or PS2 Bargain Games to Pick up for Christmas

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Just because a game is in the bargain bin doesn’t make it bad. “Old” games are just as fun as new ones… at a fraction of the cost. Here are SpecerDodd’s top five bargain games for both the Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo PS2 game system. His criteria for making this list is simple: the game must be fun, be under $10.00, and work on newer game consoles.

Top 5 for the Xbox gaming system:

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. This game is the best of the series, and gets a rare 10 out of 10 on Gamespot.com.
  • NHL Hits 2003 is an excellent and fun game for even non-hockey fans.
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 is an all-time favorite for many people.
  • Max Payne by Rockstar has an awesome story line, and self-adjusting difficulty levels.
  • Unreal Chamionship 2 is probably one of the most powerful first-person shooting games of all time.

Since GameSpot is running a “buy two get one free” special, I picked up all of these bargain-priced games for my Xbox for a grand total of $14.96. Amazing, eh?

Top 5 for the PS2:

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Man, what an awesome game.
  • Again: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.
  • Unreal Tournament. I just love this game, no matter which system I’m playing it on.
  • Metal Gears 2: Sons of Liberty, with it’s excellent shooting and story line.
  • Max Payne again. This is one of the best console games of all time, hands down.

With the sale at GameSpot, the total for the PS2 games was only $25.95. You just can’t beat that!



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