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Cinemin Swivel DLP Portable Projector Review

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The Cinemin Swivel is probably one of the coolest new things I have had sent to me to review recently! This small projector features a unique 90-degree hinge that will let you project images onto virtually any surface. You can connect to a huge variety of handheld devices, such as your iPod or Flip Video recorder! Turn any wall or flat surface into a screen to showcase your videos, photos and more.

Yes, I still have a portable DVD player, and I connected the Cinemin Swivel to it to demonstrate. Since there is a built-in speaker, I muted the volume so that it didn’t overlap with the sound in this video recording.

The quality may not look that great here in the video. However, looking at it in my home from across the room – it looks great! The quality and contrast is very, very good. Heck, I even beamed the live video feed from my office onto my ceiling!

How convenient is this? Think about it – you’re traveling for business or a conference, and you need a way to quickly showcase something to people you’re with. You just pull out the Cinemin Swivel, and find the nearest wall, table or ceiling!

I do wish it had a 180-degree swivel, and possibly some sort of stand or tripod. Both of these things would have made the product even better than it already it. The image is about 60″ across, which I feel is a fairly good size.

One of my favorite things is that it comes with an adapter for an iPod or iPhone. With the iPhone being the most popular phone at the present time, I feel it was a very smart idea for the company to include these. I can hook up to my iPhone instantly, and show off anything I need to.

If you are someone who travels a lot for business, I definitely recommend checking out the Cinemin Swivel. I have a feeling you’ll be very happy you did.

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Interactions with an Omnidirectional Projector

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This is a hemispherical dome in which users can interact with data from Virtual Earth and WorldWide Telescope. This was done using a regular projector and a wide-angle lens – and Microsoft technologies!

The Ominidirectional Projector allows you to control 360 degrees of data displayed on the ceiling and walls with voice and hand gesture commands. The system is designed to be simple and easy to build. The entire system is composed of a projector pointing upwards in the center of the room. Around the lens are IR camera sensors that can detect the hand signs that the user makes. By making hand puppets above the projector’s lens, a user can control the world around him.

The most popular program being displayed with the projector is an interactive virtual display of the Galaxy. The user is capable of flying past stars and zoom in on planets or even zoom out to show the entire Milky Way or even zoom out to the Big Bang.

Unfortunately, the Omnidirectional Projector is still in development stages, but Microsoft intends to make the system be able to work in a standard room instead requiring a domed room.

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