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How To Have One Profile

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We have too many profiles on too many social networks. How do people new to our circle know where to find us? We can’t just spam them with all of our links at once. Matthew is taking a look at About.Me this week. The site is a great place to create ONE profile and link to the rest of the places you can be found online.

Your About profile is completely customizable. Add whatever links, feeds and information you choose. You can choose different fonts and colors for each separate section and make the background you feel fits you the best.

Add your email if you wish, move the description box to a better place on the page and even view your stats. The Dashboard will show you the average time spent on your profile, the total views and the number of new visitors. You’ll be able to see how many times your various links were clicked on.

One thing Matt suggests is to link to this new static page in your email signatures. Instead of listing your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, why not just give out one simple link to serve as a landing page?

Do you have an About.Me page yet?

Are You Still Using MySpace?

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Seb asked me in chat recently if I actually use MySpace. I have an account there, yes. I actually even receive tens of visitors there each month. I admit that I really don’t even USE the site. Do you?

From all appearances, it seems as though MySpace has turned into almost a joke. They are working hard to rebrand the site and turn it into something unique that people will want to use again. However, I just don’t see it happening. When they first came up with the customizable pages, everyone loved it. We could make our pages look however we wanted… until it got out of control. Everywhere you look there are blinky things, strange graphics and comment pictures. It’s overload of a very bad kind, and people who actually care about such things seem to be the only ones using the site still.

Everyone I talk to who takes part in social media profile sites is on Facebook. LinkedIn is ranked up there as another site people feel the need to have a complete profile on. If I mention MySpace, I get strange looks or outright cynical snorts.

What are your thoughts? Are you still using MySpace?

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Share Your Gravatar Public Profile

We’ve been allowing the use of Gravatars here on the blog for quite awhile now. As the little avatars have grown in popularity, so have the services behind them. Back in March, the team at Gravatar announced that we would soon be able to publicly share our aggregated profiles. Today, those public profiles are ready to show off.

As you can see on my Gravatar page, there is a wealth of information you can fill out. Add your contact information and verify your social network accounts. You can even add links to websites that you own or pages that show off your work. The service will then attempt to pull in a thumbnail from that URL. However, this part seems to be a bit sketchy still. I’ve noticed several people’s pages that have broken images where their sites are shown. I have a feeling that will be resolved fairly quickly.

The best part of this service is the fact that you can easily and quickly share as much (or as little) of your information as you wish. If you don’t want everyone and their brother to know your instant messenger IDs, don’t place them there. If you want the Internet to see where to locate you on Twitter but not on Facebook, then only fill in the Twitter area. You can change these at any time with just a couple of clicks in your “Edit Profile” settings.

With the ability to share where you are online, write a short biography and personalize your background, the new public Gravatar pages are sure to be a big hit.

Do You Have a Google Profile?

Have you claimed your Google profile yet? It’s inevitable. Yet another profile to manage – but at least we know that Google isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Is Google trying to topple Facebook or Twitter? Only time will tell. Brandon Veski submitted this guest blog post:

At one point or another, everyone has typed his or her name into Google to see what comes up. Some results may be just what you want to have up for the online world to see and others not so much. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a presence on the front page of your Google name search where you can control the content? This has now become possible with Google Profiles.

If you use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Analytics, etc. this will be yet another useful tool at your disposal for free. All you have to do is log into your Google account to get started.

Once created, your profile page will have a clean look, with bio information, images, job history, and pretty much anything you want to share (or not), as you can also simply have just your name that will be linked you’re your email address or other contact information which is kept private.

Adding links to profiles you may also have is really simple, as Google has built this in. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Blogspot are all supported with icons. I even just added my Pirillo Geeks Account and guess whose face is on my links page now! Your Google Profile can literally serve as the portal to all of your other online profiles and make them easy to find. You can even customize your URL.

There is talk about how this will become the next Facebook killer as there is speculation that Google might buy Twitter so as to have integration with their new Google Profile service.

I helped my girlfriend create one, as she is a professional photographer with a common name that was struggling having front-page presence on Google when she searched for her name. I also and going to have my not so computer savvy mom sign up and create Google Profile, as this will be a simple and easy way for her old friends to find her. They will just have to search for her name in Google and her profile will come up. Best of all, it’s free!


What Information Should You Put in a Social Profile?

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When you build a profile for yourself on a social networking site, do you put much thought into it? Do you take the time to really make it stand out, and reflect who you really are? You should, you know. Your profile on sites such as my new Geeks site can make or break you if you don’t follow tips like these.

  1. Be YOU. Be honest, be descriptive, be straightforward, be humorous. The more someone looks at your profile and learns about who you are, the more likely they will be to stick around and follow you.
  2. Watch what you say. Remember your PUGS. Watch your grammar, usage, and punctuation. Use your SHIFT key to capitalize the first word of every sentence (and proper nouns). Remember that the sentence usually ends with a period… or some type of punctuation.
  3. Make it look like you. Customize your theme to your liking. Drag elements around, include an RSS feed, embed photos, videos, widgets, and so on. On Geeks, you can customize many things in your profile, such as the colors, what’s included, etc.
  4. Do something different. Why would someone want to add you as a friend? What are you doing to evoke a response, other than asking for it directly? What’s going to make people want to connect with you?
  5. Avatar. Your avatar must be family-friendly. The picture needs to be square, and 183×183 pixels works best. If your image is larger than that, the site will automatically resize it for you, and your avatar could end up looking bad.

People are saying that Geeks is like a cross between MySpace and Facebook. We’re geared towards Geeks, though! We’re trying to do something different, although it’s still a social networking type of site.

What kind of Geek are you? You do realize you don’t have to be a computer Geek in order to join us, right? If you are passionate about something, then you are a Geek. You can be a music Geek, a motorcycle Geek, or even a toothbrush Geek! Come check us out. I guarantee you’ll find something to grab your interest, and keep you coming back.


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