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Bully Victim Resorts to Spam

This has to be the best piece of junk email I’ve ever received:

“I am writing to you, as someone who cares about solving the problem of bullying, to ask you to consider putting a link in the resources or links page of your website to our website, Bullies2Buddies. I believe you will find our site is a unique source of help for victims of bullying. It teaches victims how to solve their problems without anyone’s help and without getting anyone in trouble. If I am a victim and I have to wait for the school to get rid of bullies for me, I may wait a very long time to stop being bullied. If you are my schoolmate and I tell the teacher or principal that you bullied me, is that going to make you like me and respect me? Of course not! It will make you hate me and want to get back at me. Thats why my method is to stop the victims from feeling like victims. If there were no victims in this world there would be no bullies. Bullies bully because they have fun watching others getting mas [sic] or feeling sad. If one is not affected by a bullies actions then its not fun for the bully, causing the bully to stop bullying the person. No victims no bullies.”

The spam continues – and his site’s content seems to be “protected by Copyscape.” Let’s just see if he’s copyscaping his email, too. I didn’t ask for the information, and I’m not someone who cares about “solving the problem of bullying.” At least, not anymore. Sounds to me like this guy got punched in the head a few too many times as a kid.