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How to Connect Devices to Your Network with Power Outlets

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The PowerNet 200 from the folks at Monster is geared towards those of you who have a house that may not have existing cabling for networking. It’s also perfect if you need a network port in a place where there isn’t one. This is a starter kit for Ethernet anywhere! The PowerNet 200 brings a high speed Ethernet connection to any room in your home. It instantly turns your home’s existing electrical wiring into a high speed whole-home network.

You plug one of the units into the wall near where your hub is. Plug the other unit in anywhere else in your house. Then you can network whatever you plug into it. Each adapter has two grounded outlets in it, and the Ethernet port connections. This is a great solution for streaming HD movies, or playing multiplayer games that demand a high speec connection – without the lag time. Sure, you could use WiFi, but it can keep you waiting when you want to quickly download a movie. It’s also too slow to play the online action games, or to stream a movie to another room in your house.

The PowerNet 200 maintains high speeds to even the room in your house that’s the farthest away from your office. It uses PLC Clean Power filtering, so that it reduces noise and interference on your electrical lines that is caused by appliances and electronics. This improves network speed, and lets the PowerNet work where other power line products usually won’t.

The Monster PowerNet 200 is the easy, fast solution for high speed networking and internet access virtually anywhere in your home.

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