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Popchips are the Best Potato Chips

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I get stuff to review all of the time. It’s very seldom, though, that baskets of chips show up on my doorstep. Recently, I woke up to find a basket full of popchips sitting on my porch with a note attached from the founder of the company. I tried these for the first time at a local Seattle event not long ago, and loved them. I was pretty darn happy to see a whole boatload of these waiting for me to enjoy, let me tell you.

popchips are neither fried nor baked. There are no nasty ingredients in them. You know I stay away from trans fats, partially hydrogenated anything and high-fructose syrup. You won’t find any of those things in popchips. All you’re going to find is natural ingredients which are combined together in a totally different way.

As I said, they aren’t baked or fried. The company takes a nice little potato and then applies intese heat and pressure. What happens next is a mystery of sorts. All I know is that by applying pressure to the spuds results in some pretty delicious chips.

Each snack-sized bag only has 100 calories, and they are perfect for a snack any time of the day, no matter what type of caloric-intake diet you may be on. The taste is actually phenominal. My personal favorite is the original ones. I think I’ll keep all of those for myself.

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