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Portion Control

Here’s one phrase in the English language that I can’t stand: “portion control.” It drives me up the wall. You’re telling me that I have to control the amount of food that’s presented to me? No, I’m not always the one in control of the portions – and I know I’m not always going to be conscious about my hand-to-mouth activity. Case in point: I ate entirely too many dried fruit & nuts at Lili Cheng’s the other night (the bowl was within arm’s reach, and I was engrossed in the conversation). Are you telling me I didn’t exercise control over my unconscious behaviors?! I have nobody to blame but myself, but what about those times that someone else serves you and expects you (socially or personally) to eat everything? The FDA aims to help Improve Consumers Ability to Manage Calorie Intake:

Companies, government, health organizations, and others should expand and align marketing initiatives (both commercial and social) that help consumers to manage their calorie intake. Foodservice companies and venues should use their full range of creativity and resources to promote food choices and eating behaviors that are consistent with healthy weight management.

In other words: they’re recommending the death of super-sized meals. We’ve been “trained” to believe that we should get more food for our money – but the only thing we’re getting more of is ourselves (that is, fatter). The restaurants have to stop serving as much, and we consumers have to stop expecting so much – but which comes first, the chicken or the egg substitute? Ultimately, it’s our responsiblity to take control of the portions we accept – but I really have a problem with people who tell me that I have to exercise portion control (which isn’t always under my control).