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How to Run Windows XP on a USB Drive

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What is your favorite operating system? XP has been a great operating system. I think it’s been around as long as I’ve been alive. You may be attached to it, along with your computer. Did you know that Windows XP doesn’t have to be attached to your computer in order to use it?

MyPocketXP has made it possible for you to make any computer into your own. The patent pending MyPocketXP is a PC on your keychain that allows you to turn any PC into your personal PC. Run your Windows installation and your favorite applications from your memory stick. It’s simple to use: plug it in, boot it up and go.

MyPocketXP is not only a super lightweight, portable solution, it also offers a much higher level of security than typical Windows installations. Viruses and spyware cannot harm the installation. If you are worried about loosing MyPocketXP you don’t have to. You can back up and restore the entire system in less than ten minutes with the push of a single button.

Generally speaking, I do recommend at least having one flash drive with Linux on it. You never know when you’ll be at a public terminal, and need to have full control over your operating system without leaving traces behind. If you’re not comfortable with Linux, then MyPocketPC is for you. You can easily run Windows right from the little USB drive!

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