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SUPERAntiSpyware – Special Savings for our Community

Security threats seem to be in the news constantly. Just yesterday, it was reported that a phony Facebook application was putting some people in danger of being Identity Theft victims. There are daily examples of security exploits online. I’m not trying to scare you into considering protection software. This is a reminder that there are very real dangers online.

You may think you are careful enough. However, no one can be vigilant 100% of the time. There are drive-by downloads that can install things on your machine without your even having to click a link. This is the type of incidence that calls for an excellent security regime on your computer. Kat recommends using layers of protection. You should have an Anti-Virus, a Firewall, and at least one Anti-Spyware program running at all times. If you’re not sure what Anti-Spyware you should be using, we have an excellent deal for you.

SUPERAntiSpyware is a comprehensive, highly-recommended program. People all over the Security community – Kat included – regularly tout SAS as one of the best pieces of security software you can have in your arsenal.

SUPERAntiSpyware will detect and remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, Hijackers, Rootkits and many other types of threats. It even has built-in real time protection, to alert you to things attempting to install themselves or make changes on your system.

As a special consideration for our community, you can save $10.00 off the normal price of SUPERAntiSpyware between now and March 3rd, 2009.

You might be interested in the background behind this product. The founder of this product is Nick Skrepetos. Nick is well known for products like Pop-Up Stopper and SuperAdBlocker. These are well known and ’super’ products. He brings decades of experience to the Spyware wars. Nick and his team are in Anti-Spyware forums, and keep tabs on current issues. That is important because dangers may appear daily and protection/security programs must be nimble enough to respond quickly. Nick stands behind this product – and emails/questions are answered.

I know how important it is to you to have a trouble free computer. This program will help… and at this price, it is an excellent value. I have no reservations when I suggest that you have SUPERAntiSpyware on your machine.