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BlogWare Export / WordPress Import

I was banging my head up against the wall with BlogWare. For a novice user, it’s fine – but in the time I moved to it (from MovableType, originally), so much had happened with WordPress development. I’ve been scouring the Web for the “must have” plugins, and am finding them relatively easy to implement and tweak. There’s still a learning curve here, but I’m much happier now that I’m away from BlogWare’s “you have exceeded your bandwidth” notices that just started to pop up due to my alleged popularity. I’m still snagged by BlogWare bloopers, including not having flexible export options. That said, Shayne was able to customize an existing script to get most everything he could out of the old system and into WordPress. I now wish to share with the world the BlogWare Import Plugin for WordPress (created by Gada.be’s very own Shayne Sweeney). I hope Matt puts it into future installs.