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People Still Subscribe to MP3 (Audio) Podcasts?!

Color me shocked. Jack from Fosco & Jack’s Kickass Podcast is pleased as punch with our program, though he only listens to it (MP3 audio) rather than consuming its native format (MP4 video). His perspective speaks volumes for any audio or video ‘caster:

First, let me say that I really enjoy the content on your RSS feed and have both learned a lot and enjoyed myself greatly listening to the Chris Pirillo show. I usually listen to your show on my iRiver or on my Nokia mp3 phone (6133a if you are curious). Nonetheless I looked at the shows from today and see that the MP3 format I know and love is no longer included. Is there a separate feed I should use? Or (and please say no) is this format been no longer syndicated. This would be mean great sadness to me if it were true and I definitely hope you can help me with this simple matter as your show is one of few that I don’t miss an episode of. Thanks again, not only for any help you can be on this matter, but for your show.

First, let me explain to everyone that we have been producing videos with the full knowledge that some people are only interested in listening to our discussions – which is the prime reason I don’t do a lot of up-close shots in general (instead, choosing to refer to the screen). I treat the video segments like I’m in a “radio” studio – so the value of the video is in my presence as well as the live chat scroll. Little value is lost with audio-only delivery and subscription – which, by the way, has a completely separate feed (for MP3, as opposed to the regular show feed which is for iPod/PSP-compatible MP4 video).

I think it is crazy for all podcasts not to be available as an mp3 (audio only) format. I can’t tell you how many video podcasts I listen to that I’ve never even seen. I understand that some things might go over my head because of certain visual cues missing, but I usually find that the shows I enjoy are compelling enough even if I don’t see the video, such as yours. Why don’t people get that mp3’s are still king and that most people could be more likely listen than to sit watch. I’ve always felt this is true and thought that video podcasts who do not release an audio only format (Rocketboom, Scoble, Geekbrief, Ask a Ninja, Tikibar etc…) are missing out on a big audience by doing so. Learn from Diggnation, The Chris Pirillo Show, and from the CNN/FOX/MSNBC channels on my satellite radio in my car. Hell, even Howard Stern had a TV show at one point and yet the Audio version of the same content is what consumers were ultimately hooked on. Most of the time, the audio is good enough if the content is good to begin with.

Heh. He gets it – he understands what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been doing it, even though I’ve never gone through and actually explained the method to my madness. People who consume podcasts while driving can still enjoy our productions – and enjoy them on a completely different level if they choose to watch the archives later.

Moral of the story? Don’t let the medium destroy your message and alienate your audience.

What is Podcasting?

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Chris has been recording media for amore than few years – longer than some people have even been online. Fast-forward a few years and Podcasting takes hold.

A podcast is not a media file; it's just a name for the method of delivery. Coincidentally, "podcasting" isn't related to the iPod. POD is actually an acronym for Publishing On Demand.

Most people use iTunes to fetch podcasts. You could also use some RSS readers to subscribe to a podcast.

Do you have any suggestions for automatically retrieving podcasts?

Want to embed our What is Podcasting? video in your blog? Use this code:

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv), MP3 Audio (.mp3), Microsoft Video (.avi)

What is a Podcast?

Are you checking into the Podcast Hotel? The next one is taking place in San Francisco on April 20 & 21, 2007. That’s only a few weeks away. To prepare everybody for this event, I sat down and spoke with both John Anthony Hartman and Alex Williams about what makes podcasting podcasting. What is a podcast? How do you start podcasting? Is podcasting a fad?

Geeks aren’t the only ones who might enjoy podcasts, podcasting, or the Podcast Hotel. No, this new mode of communication and information distribution is open to all levels of expertise. New tools and tips are unleashed onto the world’s stage every day – all the more reason for confabs akin to the Podcast Hotel. Artists, advertisers, enthusiasts: they will all be present. Will you?

How to Make Juice 2.2 Work in Windows Vista

Via Randall Lind (who sent an email to Todd and myself earlier), here’s how to make Juice 2.2 work in Windows Vista:

  1. Download, install, then browse to the installation folder
  2. Change the EXE compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 [right-click the executable, flip to the Compatibility tab, place a checkmark in the ‘Run this program in compatibili8ty mode’, then press the OK button]
  3. Open Ipodder.cfg with Notepad and change the output directory from “My Documents” to “Documents” – which is found under C:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder [by default]
  4. Launch Juice

Apparently, that does the trick?

Microsoft's Zune Competes with Microsoft

I don’t get it. Should I be using Napster, URGE, or Zune? Should I be using the Clix or the Zune? Should I be using Windows Media Player 11 or the Zune Marketplace software? There are too many choices, many of which are not interoperable, coming to me from the same company: Microsoft. Instead of simplifying the market, they’ve made it slightly more complicated with Zune (and likely pissed off countless partners in the process).

So, on one hand, I’m being told that URGE in combo with WMP is the way to go. On the other hand, I’m being told that Zune is the way to go (hardware, software, subscription) is the way to go. I certainly appreciate that there’s somewhat of a unified experience with Zune, but… now I have one more subscription to worry about… one more piece of software to worry about… and yet more choices that seem to completely nullify earlier efforts of Microsoft (itself) and its partners.

That I can see, there’s no clear cross-over between the Zune and Windows Media Center, for me to take my recorded shows on the go (since the Zune plays video). There’s no interaction with any other Microsoft product other than Windows. There’s no path to personalized media (podcasting, DVD ripping, etc.). In the interviews I’ve read, all of this is by design.

It’s almost like Microsoft is competing with itself – like it’s taking a mulligan on all earlier efforts in the digital media space.

The Podcast Network Loses Founding Member

Mick’s going walkabout:

I felt that I was really just doing the same things that I was doing 10 years ago but putting in twice as much time and effort, and in the end…well…I just wasn’t enjoying it. Finally I am also a strong believer that if you are going to be involved in something, and you can call me old fashioned here; you need to believe in that what you are doing is heading down a path that you believe in 100%. So the decision I came to in the end was that by retaining my role within TPN I was not only holding back TPN but more importantly I was holding back myself from moving forward and growing.

Wow, that’s a shocker. I figured they were doing pretty well down under? It makes sense that you’d want to do something different every once in a while, but I can’t help but feel that there’s something that Mick’s not telling us here.