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The Best Podcasting Client for Windows?

I think I’ve found it!

Denounce is the progression of a blog reader. It focuses on discovery and exploration. Listening and reading do not require a subscription. Though still at a conceptual stage, Denounce encourages people to experience podcasts and blogs without the trappings of a standard web browser or RSS reader. A number of features are missing in this prototype (alternate subscription views, playback options, preferences, etc.), but the general experience is clear. The goal? Provide a fun and intuitive way to enjoy what matters.

Chaps my hide a bit that our show is on the third page, but I’m happy it’s there in the first place. It’s not likely to topple iTunes anytime soon, but Denounce is immediately my top choice for a podcast manager for the Windows desktop.

Media TV: Best Podcast?

We’ve been on a rampage with content production, answering as many as five separate questions every day – and this is starting to look a lot like the way I hoped it would in the first place. We’re doing a TV show!

I’m still in the process of lining up sponsors (and I know, I’ve gotta talk to Podtrac immediately). I’d also like to see about integrating in existing portal sites – especially those related to tech and/or media. We’re really doing something different, both on the live video site as well as in these recorded Q&A sessions.

I’m also debating a “show” name change, and am pretty sure I want to have “TV” or “Television” in there somewhere. Pirillo TV? No. Help Television? Too general. This is community-fueled content and community-centric discussion. We’re answering questions – plain and simple. Take a look at what we’ve done in the past couple of days, thanks to technologies and services like ustream.tv and Blip.TV:

What we need now are smart sponsors, and smart partners. What we need now is a name – around this social network of one. HD will be coming soon enough…

What is a Podcast?

Are you checking into the Podcast Hotel? The next one is taking place in San Francisco on April 20 & 21, 2007. That’s only a few weeks away. To prepare everybody for this event, I sat down and spoke with both John Anthony Hartman and Alex Williams about what makes podcasting podcasting. What is a podcast? How do you start podcasting? Is podcasting a fad?

Geeks aren’t the only ones who might enjoy podcasts, podcasting, or the Podcast Hotel. No, this new mode of communication and information distribution is open to all levels of expertise. New tools and tips are unleashed onto the world’s stage every day – all the more reason for confabs akin to the Podcast Hotel. Artists, advertisers, enthusiasts: they will all be present. Will you?

How to Make Juice 2.2 Work in Windows Vista

Via Randall Lind (who sent an email to Todd and myself earlier), here’s how to make Juice 2.2 work in Windows Vista:

  1. Download, install, then browse to the installation folder
  2. Change the EXE compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 [right-click the executable, flip to the Compatibility tab, place a checkmark in the ‘Run this program in compatibili8ty mode’, then press the OK button]
  3. Open Ipodder.cfg with Notepad and change the output directory from “My Documents” to “Documents” – which is found under C:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder [by default]
  4. Launch Juice

Apparently, that does the trick?

Gnomedex Recordings

If you wanted to hear anything and everything that was officially recorded (in audio) from Gnomedex 6, you might want to subscribe to our show – conference interviews and sessions are already being posted there. The videos are forthcoming – more word on that soon. Until then, you should get our podcast (which I hope you’re getting, anyway). We’ll have a few dozen unique recordings come through over the next month or two. When they’ve all been published, expect a full list of links here (and on Gnomedex.com). If we dumped ’em all on you at the same time, they would overwhelm your iPod.


I listen to KUOW in my car all the time. If the dial isn’t tuned in to NPR, the radio simply isn’t on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken extra laps around the block just so I could listen to a full broadcast. Last Thursday, I heard a great segment on the origins of marriage (What is a Traditional Marriage) – I wanted Ponzi to hear it, too. That’s when I remembred: NPR has podcasts! And let’s face it – NPR owns the podcast space. I’d give my left nut to have a show on NPR (and my left nut is slightly more valuable than my right nut, FWIW). The problem is that NPR has over 300 podcasts as of today, making them impossible to manage and subscribe to en masse. So, I’m asking the NPR gods: please give us a single, permanent OPML URL? You can keep the same dichotomy, just put in a more transportable / importable format. If the NPR OPML is always at the same URL, we can always have the latest set of NPR shows a finger-click away. And if you already have a master OPML for NPR, why haven’t you linked to it from your podcast page?

The Podcast Network Loses Founding Member

Mick’s going walkabout:

I felt that I was really just doing the same things that I was doing 10 years ago but putting in twice as much time and effort, and in the end…well…I just wasn’t enjoying it. Finally I am also a strong believer that if you are going to be involved in something, and you can call me old fashioned here; you need to believe in that what you are doing is heading down a path that you believe in 100%. So the decision I came to in the end was that by retaining my role within TPN I was not only holding back TPN but more importantly I was holding back myself from moving forward and growing.

Wow, that’s a shocker. I figured they were doing pretty well down under? It makes sense that you’d want to do something different every once in a while, but I can’t help but feel that there’s something that Mick’s not telling us here.