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Over 300 Tag Searches in One Spot

Don’t expect every one of these searches to yeild results, though. The output was generated by a single OPML file and the Optimal OPML WordPress Plugin. Looking for other easy ways to display the OPML from Gada.be right now. Hell, entirely new sites could be built on top of the OPML we produce – much like RSS, it’s a poor man’s API.

From BlogWare to WordPress – Part Deux

Getting the code out of BlogWare and into WordPress was one thing. Getting everything else to work well has been something of a task. All my old URLs didn’t have any helpful keywords in them, so the 404 redirect script I found wasn’t working as effectively as it might have. Shayne pointed out that both the old URLs and new URLs have date information in them, so it would just take a little scripting before things would work easier for all those search engine visitors. I’ve got a new Google Sitemap submitted, FWIW.

I remembered the WP-Hackers, which we used to develop a Gada.be plugin – both standalone, and for the amazingly awesome Ultimate Tag Warrior. I posted my request, and received several satisfactory answers. Mark Jaquith responded with a single line of code that needed to be placed at the top of the .htaccess file. Easy. Done. Awesome.

Cleaning Up Old Posts

Here’s what I need: a WordPress plugin that will go through old posts and comments, detect where there’s no blank lines between paragraphs, then insert a blank line for me. I’m sure there’s a complicated way to do it through MySQL, but Shayne and I have been trying to figure out how to do it effectively without ruining everything. Beyond that, the transition has been going relatively well. There’s still a lot of tweaking to do.