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MPEG Streamclip Screencast

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Marques has sent in another excellent screencast for us to use. This one teaches you about the free MPEG Screencast, available from Squared 5. This software is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. MPEG Streamclip will allow you to watch videos in dozens of different formats, as well as allowing you to convert between them with professional-quality output. Don’t forget that it’s not too late – you can still submit your screencasts for use on our channels.

You can use MPEG Streamclip to open most movie formats including MPEG files or transport streams. Play them at full screen or edit them with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Trim. You can also export your files into several different types, so that they can easily be imported into programs such as Final Cut Pro, Toast, or DVD Studio Pro.

MPEG Streamclip can handle files and streams larger than 4 GB, split in any number of segments, or with multiple audio tracks, and can also optionally handle timecode breaks. The player included in MPEG Streamclip lets you preview the files and transport streams before doing the conversion; it also lets you visually set the In and Out points for the conversion so you can convert just the part of the file you are interested in, and also cut commercials and other unwanted parts, or edit the stream and join two streams with Cut/Copy/Paste.

Thanks, Marques for an awesome look at an awesome program. MPEG Streamclip is a professional-quality program – at no cost!

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MP4 Support in WMP11

Don’t count on MP4 playback out of the box in the next version of the Windows Media Player. I filed this “bug” a few months ago, but apparently not supporting MP4 (by default) in WMP11 is a feature: “Spend the money. Pre-install the codec. The PSP relies on it, the iPod relies on it, and Microsoft should have had its hands in one MP4 spec or another. Drop the political bullsh*t and just do it for the sake of your users who don’t know what’s going on.” Their response this morning was simple: “This is currently expected behavior.” Expected behavior? Language barrier. Perhaps Microsoft is hoping that more people install and use iTunes. I’m not sure why? Meanwhile, I’m looking at my iRiver Clix and wondering… why can’t it support the leading video format?