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Waitress Fired Over Facebook Status

Ashley Johnson was unhappy with the way her shift at work went the other night, so she vented about it on her Facebook page – on her own time. The waitress, who worked at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, N.C., stayed an hour past her shift to continue serving a table of guests who ended up spending three hours languishing in the restaurant. For her time and extra efforts, the young woman only received a five dollar tip from the table.

Ashley went home and posted on her Facebook page, which is set to private. Keep in mind that she was off the clock, and that she never mentioned the customers by name (or any other identifying factor). Her manager apparently decided to read her Facebook Wall, and didn’t like what he saw. The company fired the girl a couple of days later; she “violated a company policy banning workers from speaking disparagingly about customers and casting the restaurant in a bad light on a social network.”

Public outcry over this is loud. There are hundreds of messages being left per hour on the Brixx Facebook Fan Page. People from all over the world are outraged that the company would fire an employee for invoking her right to express herself on her own personal time, in a semi-private place (and Facebook, as we’re discovering, is anything but private). The customers weren’t mentioned by name, nor were they identified in any way. Ms. Johnson simply expressed her displeasure over the situation, as any of us would.

I don’t pretend to know what the employment laws are in North Carolina, but I cannot believe that they extend to firing an employee over something they post on their personal social networking page during their personal (off-work) time. Her comment likely would not have harmed the company in any way. However, the manager’s decision to fire her just may lose them a bit of business. Many people are calling for boycotts, and word is spreading like wildfire. Perhaps the people higher-up at Brixx better take a closer look at who they have managing their restaurants, and the policies they have for dealing with employees who aren’t on the clock.

I can tell you that in the state of Washington, an employer can fire anybody for any reason (or without reason, for that matter). But when that dismissal is deemed wrongful by the terminated party, all hell could very well break loose and the business may find itself in the middle of a PR nightmare.

I’m not sure we have the full story, but maybe the moral to the story is… STOP SHARING THINGS YOU DON’T WANT THE REST OF THE WORLD TO DISCOVER.

Why Do You Want an iPad?

Everywhere you look today, the Internet is abuzz with news of the iPad. I’ve been attempting to do some work for hours now, yet I keep being interrupted by well-meaning people who all are demanding to know if I’m going to get one for myself or not. Yes – I am! Kat, however, is not. She adamantly states she doesn’t want one, and is tired of hearing about them already. I say she isn’t American, but that’s an argument for another day.

The funny thing is that several people in our chat room are “dying” to have an iPad for their very own. When someone asks them “Well, WHY do you want it so much?”, many of them don’t even have an answer to that. Another example… Kat’s sister told her earlier that she “has to have” an iPad. When Kat asked her why, the answer was a simple “it’s new, it’s hot and it looks great!”. Her sister didn’t even know what things are included (and what is NOT included) on the device. She just knew she “had” to have one.

This happens every time an anticipated device is released. Everyone has to have one. Remember the lines for the iPhone? What I don’t understand is why so many people claim to need a device, simply because it is new. Is it really that necessary to have what everyone else has? Doesn’t it matter whether or not a particular gadget will serve your needs properly? Have we truly lost sight of what is important when it comes to buying electronics and computer equipment?

What have you read today that is NOT related to the iPad? There have actually been a lot of things posted in our community, dealing with all sorts of subjects that aren’t even remotely related to Apple or their announcement. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to check some of it out!

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What Do Bachelors Eat?

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony’s Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know many of you worry about my eating habits now that I am a bachelor. Don’t worry… I eat on a regular schedule, I promise! The people at Tony’s Pizza were apparently worried, as well! They were kind enough to send me a handful of coupons for free pizzas! I’m all about some pizza! This stuff makes me happy, because there are no Trans Fats, which I refuse to eat!

I have a handful of these free pizza coupons to give away at our next local Tweetup, which will be happening when Kat is in the area to attend a Microsoft conference. She’s never gotten to attend a Tweetup before, so I thought it would be fun to not only host one… but to also give away pizza coupons!

An even better giveaway is the one I’m participating in with Tony’s themselves! I, along with a few other bloggers, will be giving away a $500 Tech Prize Pack! There is only ONE prize pack between all of the blogs. If you want to win, you need to check out the offical rules and enter!

There are two ways to enter: Either leave a follow-up comment on this blog post, or send out a tweet from your own account. The tweet must include a link to this blog post, as well as the hashtag: #TonysPizza.

The pizza really IS yummy. I cooked mine using a baking stone, which keeps things nice and crisp. You can pick one up for under $15.00 at many retailers. I love the taste of the baked crust on the Tony’s pizzas, as well as the sauce! It has a nice little bit of a kick to it, but not too much of one.

Thanks again to Tony’s Pizza – and all of YOU – for worrying about me. I’m eating like a king… I have plenty of pizzas, Ramen and Soy Sauce. I’ll not go hungry!

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