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Pop Star Pink Uses Twitter To Announce Pregnancy

In the olden days, movie and music stars would hire a PR agency and release a statement to the press anytime they experienced a life-altering event. Every celebrity who got married, got pregnant or got divorced would make a huge production out of their official release. With more of these people turning to social media every day, mainstream media is losing out once again. Such is the case with pop diva Pink.

Just a few hours ago, Pink Tweeted to announce her pregnancy to the world. Instead of hiring some PR firm or having a manager release a dry statement, she chose to use her Twitter account. The singer is just as addicted to her Tweet stream as any of us are from all appearances. I love that she chose to share her important news in this manner. It shows once again how prevalent – and important – social media outlets are becoming in our society.

This brings up the question, though… what use do you think traditional Public Relations firms and people play in today’s society? Is there really still much of a need for them? Each day, we see more people, more brands and more businesses than ever turning to Facebook Fan pages, Twitter and many other dialed-in networks in order to spread their message. Many of them, like Pink herself, bring a very personal touch into what they’re doing online. They don’t simply announce tour dates or new product releases. They humanize themselves and show us we are all on the same level by sharing personal parts of their lives, much like you and I would.

What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate seeing people and companies putting themselves out there this way, or do you miss the days of dry press releases in a newspaper or magazine?