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iTunes 10 Review

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I’ve never been a fan of iTunes, but here I go… taking iTunes 10 a spin for the first time. I predict that I’ll have more people following me on Ping than Lady Gaga within two days. Or not.

iTunes has a new icon! The CD is missing from it, but the musical note is still there. This confuses me greatly. iTunes manages far more than just music. It keeps track of eBooks, videos, movies, music, televisions, ringtones, educational seminars and even podcasts. Why is the word “tunes” even in the name? I don’t know why I keep having to explain these little details to Apple.

Along with the new icon, they’ve changed a few other things. The maximize, minimize and close icons are off to the side now. Normally, you’d see them across the top. This is a minor change, but kind of cool I suppose.

What has been added to iTunes is the Ping feature. You know I use Ping.fm to manage updates to various social networks. Apple is using it differently, though. It’s their version of social networking for people to share their favorite music and artists.

As soon as I signed in to Ping, I was ticked off to find that I can only choose three types of music I like. Hello! I don’t limit myself that much. Geez, people. Keep in mind that I don’t like iTunes… at all. I don’t use it to manage music. I don’t use it to organize things. I prefer Rhapsody or Panodora, peeps.

Oh. My. God.

There is a grammatical error when trying to find Ping friends through Facebook! “We were unable to find any friends that are using Ping…” Uh, are are discussing people, not things. It should say WHO. Geebuz.

I wasn’t amused to find out that I could not follow artists that I am actually interested in. There are no results for Weird Al or They Might Be Giants. Seriously, Apple?

The funny thing is that I am hearing a lot of griping around the community regarding Ping:

  • jasonmauer says: “Ping, the iTunes social network. like I want to spend more time in iTunes. it’s like having a social network in prison.
  • RussellLahodny says: “Ping on iTunes 10 seems to lack substance…and bands to follow.”
  • Joli O’Dell says: “Ping has a long way to go if it’s going to be a better alternative (than MySpace Music). Moreover, the interface is still buggy and slower than molasses in January at the North Pole during a legitimate Ice Age.”

When doing a quick search of Twitter for iTunes Ping, you’ll see a lot of youngsters screaming for others to follow them. The rest of us seem to be saying nothing much more than meh.

What are your thoughts on the new Ping feature inside of iTunes 10?

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Twitter Expanding Short URLs – Accessible via Search

If you are in the business of making connections on Twitter, you should be regularly monitoring yourself via keyword searches. I keep close track of what is showing up on Twitter with keywords such as Pirillo, Lockergnome and even Gnomedex so that I know whether or not I need to tweak the way I am sending out information. After all, if word about what we’re up to isn’t getting out on the Web then there isn’t much reason to be doing anything at all.

I came across something very cool and important a few moments ago purely by accident. I did a routine Twitter search of the word Pirillo. What I saw made me blink and check again to be sure I had seen correctly the first time: Over three-quarters of the results didn’t have my name anywhere in the tweet. Instead, there were shortened links in the tweets… such as those from bit.ly and ping.fm. Those links went straight to one or another of my sites, such as geeks.pirillo.com or lockergnome.com.

This is important to note for all of us. Twitter is apparently very quietly resolving links in the background to grab the keywords and turn them into searchable results. For anyone who posts a lot of content, this is huge news. The writers on Lockergnome work hard to write solid content. A simple tweet or retweet no longer even has to have the word Lockergnome in it to have it show up in subsequent searches.

The possibilities for this are endless. I know that sometimes a person may stumble across a link of mine on Twitter that they found helpful. They may decide to do a search of my name to see what else they can learn from. Not only will they find tweets that actually have my name in them… they’re going to find every tweet containing a short url linking back to one of my sites.

Twitter expanding short URLs to be accessible via a simple search could potentially lead to highly increased traffic on our websites. How can that not be a good thing?

Do You Google the News?

A report released today says that about 44% of Google users simply skim through news headlines, and never click through to read the full stories. The report goes on to predict the continuing decline of print news in favor of being able to get it online. This doesn’t come as much surprise to me – or anyone else, really.

However, I don’t agree that that many people never bother to click through. Sure, I scan headlines, much like the rest of you. However, if something catches my eye then I cannot stop with just a few sentences in a Google search. I have to click through and read the rest of the article. I have a feeling most of you are the same way. The article states that 2,787 US news consumers were polled. That’s fine… but who did they poll? How do we know that very tiny number of the population truly represents us all? I don’t agree that they possibly could.

What are your thoughts? Do you turn to the Internet for your news? Do you scan and go, or click and read? What other sites do you enjoy reading articles on, to find out what’s happening in the World around you?

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What is Ping.FM?

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While at CES last week, Traci Toguchi caught up with John Yamasaki, who is the Community Evangelist for Seesmic. They talked about the fact that Seesmic has now acquired Ping.FM! You have a lot of friends, and they’re not all in one place! With this merger, you can now update 50 social networks using Seesmic+Ping.fm from email, chat, sms, Blackberry, Android, or the web itself!

From Seesmic’s press release:

Ping.fm has more than half a million active users who post daily from any device just by sending an email, a text message or chat – simple tools that existed since the early stages of the Internet are available on all connected devices. This is why Ping.fm is extremely easy to use and access –just send an update and it can touch on 50 social networks!

This is huge news for many of us. Send your status updates to everyone – everywhere! – in just a few seconds. You don’t have to worry about missing an important site, or leaving someone out. Update the sites that YOU choose, and ignore the ones you don’t feel you need.

I don’t know about you, but this is going to save people like me a mountain of time! It’s compatible with virtually any Internet-capable device in the world, so you don’t even need to worry about whether your particular phone or gadget will work. It will!

It’s automagic!

Thanks to Creative for sending Traci a Vado 3 to use during the conference!

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Putting the Me in Social Media

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If you are posting media that isn’t social, then you are completely un-cool. All media needs to be social! I’m happy to report that I’m going to be featured in the Seattle Social Media Profiles! Sadly, I didn’t get to wear a crown for the day or anything. They do, however, want me to answer a series of questions, so here goes!

  • Name – Seriously? If they don’t know it, how did I get nominated for this gig? Ok, ok – I’m Chris Pirillo.
  • Occupation or company – I don’t know what my occupation is, really. I’m a Geek, and work for myself. I’m lucky enough to have made a career out of a personality disorder.
  • What is the best part of your job? – The commute time! I roll out of bed into this room, and I’m there, dude!
  • When and how did you end up in Seattle? – I originally started out in Iowa. I ended up here because I wanted to be here. I love the weather here in the Northwest, and the outdoors (even though I’m the Great Indoorsman).
  • How can people find you on the Web? – Google the word Chris. You’ll find me.
  • What is it about social media that attracts you? – The babes! Dude – seriously – have you seen the social media babes? They’re very attractive, except for that one that we won’t talk about.
  • How do you utilize social media? – I tickle it with my pinger! I use Ping.fm to sneeze out updates to sites such as Twitter, Facebook and more. I honestly feel that social media is using me, instead of the other way around. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I feel like I’m being followed by thousands and thousands of people!
  • What is the one thing that the mainstream population should know about social media? – They should know it’s happening, whether they’re using it themselves or not. People are talking about you (or your company) whether you know it or not.
  • If people are following you on Twitter, what can they expect to read? – They can expect pithy quotes. Sometimes, I can be a little blue. I post links from people who post on Geeks and Lockergnome, or ones that others send to me that I like.
  • How would you describe the social media scene in Seattle? – Sometimes it’s very stinky, and other times it’s beer-y. In any sense, it’s a hot scene. If there’s a social media event, there will be hundreds of people who show up!
  • Do you remember your social media “WOW!” moment? What was it? – Uhm… I really don’t know. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a “WOW!” moment. It kind of just came upon me before I even really knew it, and I was off. I was doing social media before that even became a term!
  • What is one piece of advice you give to new users of social media? – Be yourself, and understand that transparency applies to you. It’s important. Don’t ever think you’re the exception to that rule.
  • Are you currently working on any projects that involve the use of social media? – Yes! I’m recording this as a video for YouTube right now!
  • Are there any social media events or conferences in the future that you would like people to know about? – Well, at the time of this recording we were getting ready for Gnomedex! That’s my annual tech/social media conference. I definitely recommend it, of course.
  • What are your hobbies? – I build LEGO sets!
  • Favorite vacation spot and thing to do there? – My favorite vacation spot is Costco, actually. I love their hot dogs with a large drink. It’s only $1.50!
  • Favorite restauraunt in Seattle? – Costco, of course! I love both the hot dogs and polish sausages.
  • Favorite thing to do in Seattle in the summer? – Well if it’s meal-time, I like to just go to Costco!
  • Favorite Quote? – I’d have to say the curly one!
  • Guilty Pleasure? – On a rare occasion, I will go to Costco, get a hot dog, and add sauerkraut!
  • Favorite actor/actress? – My favorite actor is Harrison Ford. I’ve modeled my entire career after him. I’ve been told I am the Harrison Ford of Geeks! I’ve worked very, very hard to attain that title.
  • “I really like it when…” – Someone goes out and gets a Costco hot dog for me! That’s the best, because I don’t like to leave my home environment!
  • “One day, I would love to…” – Finish this video! How long has it been already? Is anyone still reading/watching?
  • “If I could meet anyone, alive or dead, it would be…” – Someone alive! I wouldn’t want to meet a dead person. Can you imagine the awkward conversation? It wouldn’t go anywhere!
  • What would you like everyone to know about you? – What do you want to know about me? I’ll answer any question! I would like you all to know that I don’t take myself seriously, and that’s something I’ve been accused of on occasion. Does that make sense at all?
  • Who would you like to see featured on Seattle Social Media Profiles, and why? – I really don’t know. I’d like to see the person who has not been featured yet… because in social media, everyone is important. Just because a person is only followed by 10 people, it doesn’t make them any less important than someone who is followed by thousands. I’d like to see the person you’d least likely expect to be featured be the next one featured!

If you made it this far into the video, good for you! You’re a Geek just like the rest of us.

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Where do You Keep Your Social Profile?

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Hi! My name is Chris Pirillo, and I’m a Geek. You may have seen me on the Internet. Maybe you saw my blog, or my YouTube, or Plurk, or Facebook, or MySpace… and on and on and on. There are many places where you can exist on the Web. SO many, in fact, that it gets to be a nightmare to keep up with them all. And to keep everyone updated is also a nightmare. Remember that Ping.fm network I mentioned a week or so ago? You can get a beta code to try it out for yourself by using my last name pirillo. Anyway, I brought all this up in order to tell you about an email I received.

Ronnie is the creator of Neighborhood Friends. Apparently, I gave him a few ideas. He was wondering if he should allow his users to use existing profiles from other social networking sites. So I guess we inspired quite a bit! It’ll be interesting to see how it all evolves.

If you’re asking my opinion, then yes. If it’s possible to link to or use an existing profile… do it. We don’t have time to create and manage yet another profile. I just happened to find another website that helps you manage most of your social networking profiles. At Atomkeep, you can solve the problem of information redundancy. Atomkeep will keep your accounts in sync on all social networks, job boards and other sites.

We’ll make sure that your profiles are up to date everywhere with one click of a button. We’ll make sure that your resume is recent on all job boards that you are signed into. We’ll make sure that your potential clients will always get your actual contacts and will find you easily.

We know that it’s hard to manage a lot of data. And we also know that problems tend to increase as information network grows up. As far as our team is 100% committed to user satisfaction, that’s why we have decided to build something that really solves user problems. We are solving the problem of information redundancy.

It doesn’t matter how many accounts or profiles that you have. Atomkeep is the only place that you need to keep them in sync. We don’t force other sites to partner with us, although, we would appreciate any partnership opportunities. All we do is making your life easier. Atomkeep is completely user oriented product.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Finally, a breakthrough in being able to easily manage all of this STUFF that I have everywhere!!

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How do You Update your Friends with what's Happening Now?

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When you want to update your friends as to what you’re doing, how do you contact them? Do you call them or email them? Or do you maybe send out a Twitter or MySpace bulletin? Any of these things could take you a lot more time than necessary, having to log into all these different places. How do you know you’re getting your information to everyone, in all places? These sites keep getting more and more plentiful. It’s good… and bad. It’s good because it’s nice to see innovation. It’s bad because people leave one place and become active in another, and then they aren’t staying up-to-date with you!

It’s hard to stay updated with all of these places. Luckily, there is a new service that is in private beta that will help. Ping FM is a new service that will make your social networking life much easier. You simply update what you’re doing through their service, and it will shoot it out everywhere you have memberships. At first, there were only a couple of sites listed to shoot them to. Now, they are up to seventeen different places! There are several ways to update, as well. Use your AIM or GTalk accounts, an iPhone or iTouch, shoot off a text message, or an email! You can configure which sites and accounts you want messages to go to.

If you’re interested in downloading and trying this out, use the code: letmeping. So check it out for yourself! How much easier can it be to keep everyone clued in on what’s going on with you, at any given time? This is getting a huge thumbs up from me. Hopefully even more services and sites will be added as time goes on!


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