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Throwbabies for the Holidays

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, you need look no further than our friends at Throwboy. We’ve long been supporters of these awesome pillow. Heck, I admit to having every one of them ever made. I am really excited about their newest product: Throwbabies. These things are just – dare I say it as a dude? – adorable.

All of your favorite chat sayings have been hand-sewn onto tiny replicas of the original Throwboy pillow. Personally, I need the N00B one, the WTF one and the FML one. These little gems are only nine dollars each, or three for twenty-three bucks. They’ll make excellent stocking stuffers, yo!

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Throwboy Pillows – Win One Today!

Each week, we do a contest on our new(ish) Contests page. We’ve sadly put them on the back burner recently, due to working so hard on other projects. The good news for you all is that we’re reviving the contests, and having a great time with them! If you have ideas for future Twitter contests, or are a company interested in donating prizes, drop me a line!

This week, you have a chance to win one of two Throwboy pillows. Two winners will be chosen at random, and each will be able to choose which of these awesome little pillows they will have sent to them! The contest itself is simple to enter:

  • You must be following me on Twitter @chrispirillo
  • You have to Tweet the following: @chrispirillo #throwboy [Your Entry for What You Would Do]

That’s it! Honest! Seriously! Now, to be clear… make sure you don’t actually put the words [Your Entry for What You Would Do]. You need to exchange that, and tell me what it is you would do with/for a Throwboy! Be creative – and make it fun! Please keep all entries PG, though. There are a lot of younger people out there!

Even bigger news is that the folks at Throwboy have agreed to run this very same contest every other month! So if you don’t win this time, hang in there until September’s contest!

Good luck to everyone. 🙂