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Looking for an Assistant in Seattle

Lockergnome (and Gnomedex, vicariously) is looking for an intern / assistant to help us with various and sundry tasks related to the operation of our activities. We’re looking for qualified individuals immediately, and only Seattle-area “locals” need apply.

Looking for someone who can…

  • Begin and complete most tasks from home
  • Remain completely self-motivated
  • Keep an open schedule over the coming months
  • Handle basic computer and Internet-centric tasks
  • Help us with our organizational efforts
  • Drive “around town” on errands if need be
  • Be online while working (via instant messenger)
  • Take direction and run with a project
  • Manage time effectively in an unstructured environment
  • Form a complete, grammatically-adequate sentence
  • Retain extreme attention to detail and task tracking

Not required, but extremely beneficial if you have…

  • Conference operations experience
  • Intermediate to advanced “computer skills”
  • Graphic and/or Web design, programming abilities
  • Some kind of sales background, offline or online
  • Familiarity with blogging and/or the tech industry
  • Any extraordinary talents that might help us

And yes, we’ve already started looking on Craigslist. I’d rather not deal with a temp agency, either. If you want, you can fire me a detailed email ([email protected]) and we can take it from there. Looking to fill this position sooner rather than later; compensation will likely be hourly with miscellanous benefits.