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PepsiCo Raises the Bar with Social Vending System

Companies everywhere are rushing to engage their customers. They’re figuring out how critical social media is to their business and they’re doing something about it. Every day, I read about which brands are building what types of community. No one, however, has even come remotely close to what PepsiCo is doing. The soft drink giant is bringing social to the point of sale in a very VERY cool way.

Using the latest in technology, the Social Vending System will let you send a gift to someone by choosing one of the available beverages. You’ll enter the recipient’s name, cell number and a message to them. You can even add a bit more of a personal flair by adding a small video to your gift. All of this is done right at the machine as you’re buying your own drink. Your gift will be sent to the friend with a special code and instructions for redemption at any PepsiCo Social Vending System. Once they cash in their present, they are given an option to send something back to you or pay it forward by purchasing a libation for someone else.

How insanely cool is this? Pepsi is encouraging their community – all of YOU – to engage each other while bringing a smile to someone’s face. This does something quite important for the company: it builds a level of goodwill that is unparalleled. When your customers get that warm fuzzy feeling in relation to something you are doing, that will – in turn – build up their trust in you.

Customers who jump at the chance to use the Social Vending System are almost guaranteed to be repeat customers. Mark my words: people are going to be all over this like the proverbial flies with honey. The friends who receive the gifts are going to send some Pepsi or Dew to their friends. Soon, you’re going to have one hell of a lot of consumers guzzling down your fizzy sodas while congratulating themselves for doing a good deed.

How is this not full of win? Yes – I actually used that sentiment. I honestly cannot come up with a better description for how much I love this campaign and this huge leap into the lead among brands vying for their target audience’s attention on social networking sites.

Well played, PepsiCo. Well played.

San Francisco Bans Sugary Drinks

If you’re a person who is addicted to sugary soft drinks, I hope you don’t live in San Francisco. If you do, you may very well start a riot the next time you try to buy your favorite cola from a vending machine in the city limits. San Francisco’s mayor Gavin Newsom doesn’t feel you need to drink these toxic beverages. Instead, he wants you to choose a healthy alternative such as soy milk. The ban that was put in place in April is now starting to make its presence known throughout the city.

Thanks to @forrestkoba, I happened to read the article about the ban on drinks such as Coke and Pepsi in vending machines located on city property. Don’t worry… you can still purchase them in supermarkets and drink them in the secrecy of your own home. However, if you want to grab a cold can from a vending machine at City Hall, you’re out of luck. You could always “treat” yourself to some Soy milk, though!

All calorically sweetened beverages have been taken out of vending machines on city property. “That includes non-diet sodas, sports drinks and artificially sweetened water. Juice must be 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice with no added sweeteners. Diet sodas can be no more than 25 percent of the items offered, the directive says.” There will be a lot of pure juices, waters and non-dairy types of beverages available, though.

The directive also takes aim at snacks which have a high fat or calorie content. “There’s a direct link between what people eat and drink and the obesity and health care crises in this country,” Newsom spokesman Tony Winnicker said. “It’s entirely appropriate and not at all intrusive for city government to take steps to discourage the sale of sugary sodas on city property.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that it is “not intrusive” when a city (or other) government steps in and mandates what you can and cannot buy to eat or drink when visiting city-owned properties? Do you feel that they are going a bit too far in exercising their plans to make the city’s residents healthier?

Mountain Dew Throwback

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This was the first Mountain Dew I’ve had in about a decade. It tasted pretty good, IMHO – although I’m not sure my head will ever recover from the experience.

I’m grateful that Pepsi is (at least for now) releasing soft drinks made with cane sugar vs. high-fructose corn syrup. They’re a nice treat every once in a while, but not every day. Diet sodas are just as dangerous for weight management, mind you – artificial sweeteners actually make you more hungry.

Well, suffice it to say, half the bottle of Mountain Dew Throwback was definitely enjoyed!

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Does Pepsi Natural Taste Good?

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I don’t drink much soda, to tell the truth. I won’t eat or drink anything that contains trans fats and/or artificial sweeteners. I’ve been this way for about ten years now, and that’s just the way it is. It’s not that I don’t like soda – I just don’t like all of the junk that they are loaded with. When I heard that Pepsi was coming out with a new product called Pepsi Natural… made with natural REAL sugar! I had to try it.

It doesn’t have High Fructose Corn Syrup, so it’s all good! I can give er the old college try! As soon as you uncap it, you definitely get the whole “cola” smell. You know what I’m talking about, right? Colas have a distinct smell. My first taste was – WOW! It’s really sweet tasting. Kudos to Pepsi, for coming up with something this yummy, that has no artificial sweeteners!

Did you know that those crappy artificial sweeteners can actually make you more hungry?! That is in addition to any health risks there may be (I’m not a member of the FDA, so I won’t even begin to go into any of that).

The nicest thing about this is that this is not only the first time I’ve had Pepsi in over a decade – but I’m doing so guilt-free. Yes, there is sugar. But it’s a natural sugar! It tastes great, too!

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Who Will Win the Super Bowl?

It’s no secret that I’m not a sports fan. However, I do love to watch the commercials during the big events – such as today’s Super Bowl! Who doesn’t enjoy deciding which company won the Superbowl war for ‘best commercial’? Some of them are just downright outrageous, and make us head to YouTube over and over to re-watch them! Oh, wait… Super Bowl. There’s football played during that too, right? Ok, ok, fine… who’s going to win the thing?!

the Daleks. – Caroline

I vote for the Cylons – Haggis (Sean)

DALEKS!!!!! can take your CYLONS!!! – Caroline

Giants – Lou Paglia

Maybe if you followed sports more you would know. – Jonathan Brown

Seriously though, I’m in the same boat as Chris. I never watch sports, and the Super Bowl is the only time i’ll sit through a game. I always root for the underdog (who haven’t won a Super Bowl), and that’d be the Cardinals. – Haggis (Sean)

I’m with Caroline here. Cylons are superior in only one respect: they are better at dying. EXTERMINATE. … I’m sorry, we were talking sports, weren’t we. *backs away slowly* – Penguin Sparrow

the daleks would kill em all 😛 – Terry O’Fee

They would all be defeated by a single Twiki from Buck Rogers. – Haggis (Sean)


The commercials – Chris Welle

The Super Bowl is on? Cylons ….. a powder puff game of the 3’s vs the 6’s 😛 lol – Matt

Steelers, Coke – Mike Nayyar

Steelers, Budweiser – Steve Olson

Cards, Budweiser – Andy Beal

Steelers [because the hubs would divorce me otherwise], none because we don’t get the American commercial feed in Canada! Have to watch them later on YouTube! – Abby Martin

Cards. Pepsi. +1 Abby – Shey

Steelers, Ivars – Brian Daniel Eisenberg

I’m rooting for the Cardinals and I don’t care about the commercials. – Mathew™

Steelers, no commercials in germany – sdfx

Steelers of course, coke – Mike Hussein Cohen

Cthulhu’s Elder Gods, Fthagn – Tad, Made of Meat

No commercials in Germany? It must be really boring to watch, what with those 10-minute spaces between each play. – Glen Campbell

@glen it’s pretty bad. They show the cheering crowds during the breaks, kind of boring. And I never know which product to buy afterwards… – sdfx

This is the only game I ever bother to tune into. – l0ckergn0me

@l0ckergn0me Me to 🙂 – TheHenry

Steelers, FriendFeed – Kevin Fox

Kevin, serioulsy? FF did a Superbowl buy? wow you all must be rolling in the dough. 🙂 – Ken Gidley

Cardinals, iPhone – TheHenry

Steelers, GoDaddy – Chris White

Windows Blue Screen of Death- Ubuntu – Fred Grott

Man Utd. Red Devils; World Soccer Shop 🙂 – सत्याग्रह {Bren}

Cardinals. Wolverine trailer. – .LAG

No, we didn’t, but I still can’t wait to see it. 😉 – Kevin Fox