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View PDF Documents Right in Google Chrome

The newest beta of Google Chrome includes a built-in PDF viewer. This is a big deal for Windows users, since you’ll no longer have to install something just to read those types of documents. Chrome will let you open them right within the browser without waiting for an external program or app to load it up.

Your PDF will load quickly and without flaws as soon as you click on it. Google has even made sure your experience is as secure as it can possibly be:

Just like we do with web pages viewed in Chrome, we’ve built in an additional layer of security called the “sandbox” around the Chrome PDF viewer to help protect you from malware and security attacks that are targeted at PDF files.

For now, you have to satisfy yourself with the beta version of the new PDF viewing capabilities. Google hasn’t given a time-frame for a stable release, but promises it will be soon.

If you’re not already a Google Chrome user, is this new feature something that will make you switch to it as a default browser?