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Eyefinity is Perfect for PC Gaming

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Yes, I like to drive a big truck with the pedal to the metal. Eighteen wheels will be rolling until the break of dawn. I decided to try my hands at playing the Rig’n’Roll game on my sweet ATI Eyefinity setup. Running in 5760×1080 resolution is just… beautiful. I know I use that word a lot, but it seriously applies here.

Eyefinity isn’t just a multi-monitor setup. It’s considered to be a single large surface (SLS). In order to get the full experience for this game (and others) with the Eyefinity technology, I asked Logitech to send along the G27 Racing Wheel. This has a four-speed steering wheel, and flippers that allow me to change gears. There’s up to six gear settings on the gear shift. There are other controls that can be mapped to different views, in conjunction with your Eyefinity setup.

Yes, there are three screens hooked up to this computer. However, the important thing is that the operating system sees it as ONE screen. Eyefinity won’t only work with this particular game. It can make your experience with any game about a hundred times better.

I have to thank the team at AMD for hooking me up so that I can experience the beauty that is Eyefinity in my own home. Playing the game with perfect resolution across three screens this way is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It’s nearly impossible to translate to you via a video or text. You just have to try it for yourself.

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Buying a Great PC / Gaming Rig for Under $1,000

Aaron proved me wrong:

I enjoy your videos, but I have to take issue with your claim on video chat recently that the caller couldn’t get good gaming rig for under $1,000. There’s a bunch of desktops at this link that are under $1000 and that have serious power. Core i7 processors (quad cores), great graphics cards, etc. Here’s a list of gaming rigs for under $1,000.

Hell, even the MSI laptop I’m looking at getting for myself for $950 is capable of playing modern games at fairly high-detail levels and resolutions. I noticed that before you answered the guy’s question, you said you were only a casual gamer… so, all I’m saying is that your perception of how much it costs to game might be a little out of date.

I guess if you want to stay on the absolute bleeding edge of gaming… maybe it’d cost more than $1,000. Or if you want e-penis bragging rights, you’ll want to spend more than $1,000. And certainly in the old days, it used to cost big bucks to game. But to claim it costs $2,000 these days to get a gaming PC just isn’t true.

So, was I wrong? Would you buy a PC for gaming at $1,000 and be satisfied?