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Password Storage

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Managing and sharing password and sensitive information can be a hassle, especially if two or more people need to be kept up to date with account information. The solve this problem Chris found a great service called PassPack.

The first Online Privacy Manager. It’s a password manager and personal vault. With PassPack you can organize and store passwords, private notes, links and much more to come!

But is it a wise decision to store your information with PassPack? The truth is that your information will be kept pretty darn secure. PassPack uses multiple levels of security: anti-phishing filters, data packing, and disposable account information. To sum it all up:

With AES encryption (the same as used by the US Government) and an SSL Secure Connection, your data travels safely over the internet. But let’s suppose a hypothetical "bad-guy" gets into our servers, all he’d find would be a bunch of illegible data (Not even PassPack can read your data). If he’s determined to crack this data, he’d have to guess the Password and Packing Key of every single User, one-by-one, in order to reverse the packing process – to date, this type of brute force attack on AES is considered impossible. That makes PassPack an unattractive target.

It’s a great way to store your sensitive information and keep it secure.

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