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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

There’s an old saying in the Bible or some book that I don’t even remember for sure. It says “And the Geeks shall inherit the Earth”. A friend of mine argued with me the other night, claiming that it’s supposed to be the meek shall inherit the Earth. I beg to differ. I know what it says, thank you very much. We all know it’s pure fact that Geeks are taking over the World, and that we will one day rule inherit the World. Why haven’t you given in and joined us yet? You know you’re going to have to!

Seriously, being a Geek is an amazing thing. Geeks are not just computer guru’s, you know. A Geek is anyone who is passionate about something, whether it’s computers, motorcycles, or even gardening. Using this definition, it’s easier to imagine Geeks one day making a huge difference in this World of ours. What am I saying? We already have. Look at some of the strides in medicine, technology and science in just the past few years. There are an astounding number of new inventions, cures and gadgets on a daily basis.

If you could change the World somehow, make an impact so to speak, what would it be? Just imagine for a few moments that you have the brains/money/power to change any one thing. What would you do?

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What is Motivation?

Geek!This is Ken Matthews’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

Motivation is that inner feeling that drives one to achieve a result. It is an internal energy that moves one to actively pursue a goal, a desire, an end. Many words can be used to define motivation. Here are a few: passion, drive, fire, enthusiasm, heart, tick, itch, motor, engine and so forth. These words all can be used to describe an intense emotion we call motivation.

Millions of dollars are spent each year to hire motivational speakers. They are in demand, and rarely is there a day that goes by when someone is not speaking to a business, an organization, a civic group, or some other massive audience of people on the subject of motivation. Many feel this is the key to success in whatever you are in pursuit. Motivation is important, but before one can become motivated one must have a target, a goal, a result, or a desired end. It is the substance of this result that will determine, in many cases, the level of motivation.

What is it that motivates you today? What compels you to get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you to go to work or go to school or even to interact with those you love? What motivated you to come to church if, indeed, you are a church member? What motivates you to remain apart of the things that matter most in your little world? We are all motivated by something and maybe it is time to start thinking about it because our level of motivation will greatly determine our level of success.

Sometimes we face challenges in life that are very difficult. There are circumstances and situations in life that rob us of our energy and may put us in neutral or reverse if we do not have what it takes to overcome these times. The key to overcoming these trying times is wrapped up in this concept of motivation. If we are living with motivation, living with passion, we will be able to push and press our way through even in difficult times.

Successful people are a motivated people. They are people who live with a passion to reach a desired end. Motivated people are not hindered by the challenges and roadblocks of their life, because there passion in life sustains and empowers them during such trying times. If we desire to be successful in life we must set a course to accomplish goals and ambitions that we are passionate about and live with a drive to fulfill that hearts desire.

Are Geeks Cool?

Community member Roshan Patel asks a great question:

The perpetual stereotype of your standard “Geek” was always bad. From the sweaty appearance, bad hair and nocturnal tendencies all really made us Geeks lose out in most things. We were always the guys that would sit around a desk talking about how the new version of Safari compares to those previous, instead of what we did over the weekend.

But I pose this question: Are Geeks Cool?

I was in a Psychology lesson one day, nothing really interesting to shout about, when one student asked the teacher if he knew of a method that could get a recorded file from home to play on the school system. I was simply astounded by the responses! One person suggested media conversion websites, another suggested free programs, and others mentioned Codecs! These were people that were deemed to be “non-PC” in a stereotypical view, but they were genuine “Tech-Heads!” We spent the whole lesson talking about tech, and every student made a contribution in one way or another.

Looking at the facts, I suppose the evidence does support the growing number of Geeks in school and workplace environments. As we become more technologically dependent, more people will have knowledge on more Tech, or Tech related items, and therefore, will produce more Geeks. We are finally winning the “Coolness” battle in my opinion, and even the most “down-to-earth” individuals will eventually accept the idea that Geeks are Cool!

No doubt, we’re cool – always have been, always will be. However, it’s not our knowledge that makes us cool – it’s our passion FOR that knowledge. That’s what makes us geeky – and that’s what makes anybody a potential geek, even if their affinity is not quite tech-related. There are wine geeks, baseball geeks, quilting geeks, and shoe geeks to boot (no pun intended).

So, are YOU a geek? I mean YOU, the person who is reading this particular piece of content?