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How to Reach 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

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100,050 is a pretty big number! That’s how many subscribers we now have on our YouTube channel! Thank you for following what we’re doing!

I’m coming up on my four-year YouTube anniversary. I’ve been publishing tech-related information online since 1996. I’ve posted more than 2500 videos to YouTube, and been fortunate to rack up millions of views.

Based on the emails and feedback I receive, I know I have influenced many of you, and that humbles me. I got where I am today because of all of you. I literally raised a glass to all of you to toast our continued success together. The community as a whole is what makes me want to push myself to do more, and to continue producing content.

I have been told I’ll be heading to Hell if I don’t reach a million subscribers soon, but you won’t be heading there if you subscribe to me! Only good things will happen if you join our community!

Thanks everyone. Thanks for helping me do what I love to do.

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