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Are Your Parents on Facebook?

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My Mom finally decided to create a Facebook account for herself. She plans to only use it to keep in touch with family and close friends, so she was worried about choosing the correct privacy settings. This is something that many of our parents are facing. They want to have Facebook so they can keep track of us, but they don’t want the world to see their information. Do you know how to guide them through setting everything up in a way they are comfortable with?

Obviously, we added all of the normal information to begin with, such as name and location. We learned that Facebook doesn’t “check” passwords against each other when setting up an account to make sure they are correct. We had to take a picture for her profile, and she decided to grab a picture with Wicket and Pixie – her grandpups!

When it asked her to find connections, that was simple. Mom is the last of our immediate family to give in and get a Facebook account. I helped her add my Dad, my brothers and myself.

Have you ever helped a parent (or grandparent) set up an account on Facebook – or another social media site? Did you find it challenging to make sure that they felt comfortable with the privacy settings?