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Geek Meets Paranormal Meets Musician

The title says it all, really! What… you don’t get it? You must not have been reading what’s going on in the World of Geeks and Lockergnome today. You all know I love to talk Tech. I love hardware and software, and I can’t get enough of gadgets. Gadgets are an addiction, really. Anyway, I digress. It’s not just the “normal” Tech I’m interested in. I love to read and learn about things I normally wouldn’t even think of. There were some excellent articles written by all of you today, including one discussion on Geeks about how Technology is used in studies of the Paranormal. That is just very cool!

Normally Paranormal

I became a Coast to Coast Streamlink member this weekend – I just love following the lunatic fringe. Dr. Phil was on to talk about the planet Pluto last night, and when he referenced “Giant Ice Balls” – I sent him an instant message, claiming that I had “giant ice balls.” To which he immediately responded, “mine are brass.” Talk about paranormal!

Anyway, I generally enjoy listening to C2C – especially when JC comes on (great comic relief). Tonight’s guest is Glenn Kimball – and he’s going to be discussing the history of terrorism. I’m sure skeptics will be debunking Glenn left-and-right, but that doesn’t make his research any less interesting. History does not come from books, you know? Sometimes the only way to truly understand history is by challenging its “truths.” The Earth used to be flat.

While we’re on the subject of UFOs (even though I hadn’t had a chance to work them into the conversation until now), I’m convinced that the C2C Web crew are aliens. When I asked ’em for the direct podcast URL, they said: “The recent release of iTunes is non-compatible with our Podcasting system.” No, their “system” is incompatible with the rest of the galaxy – get it straight. No matter, I can always download the archives on-demand.