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How Do You Create and Edit Panoramic Digital Photos?

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I want to take a picture of what’s on the wall behind me, so I would have had to take three different pictures. Then I’d have to edit them and put them together. Thankfully, I can now use a free iPhone app that will allow me to take panoramic pictures easily.

Creating a panorama is as simple as picking two or more images from your photo library and dragging them into alignment. PanoLab handles perspective correction for you. When you’re finished, you can export your creation back to your photo library for emailing, uploading, or whatever else you’re into.

PanoLab gives a simple (and fun) canvas for combining multiple photos to form a larger one. Source photos are added to a grid, then dragged into the positions where they best match adjacent images. Multi-touch allows rotation of images as well. The combined image can then be zoomed and cropped to produce a new image that is stored to the phone’s library.

While the app isn’t yet perfect, it is very good and a lot of fun to play with. I’m sure future versions will only get better, as well.


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